Ready To Say “I Do”

Tomorrow, this beautiful couple will say “I Do” and go from two individuals to a couple. I’m so honored to be coordinating Lena & Greg’s wedding. They will tie the knot at the beautiful Cypress Tree Plantation in Edisto, South Carolina.



About the bride

Lena grew up in Tega Cay, SC. She attended the College of Charleston before transfering to the University of South Carolina where she got her degree in Advertising. Lena currently lives in New York City where she works as a media buyer at MediaVest. Her love for college football brings her home each year to see at least one Carolina football game. Go Gamecocks! Lena & I are actually sorority sisters (Gamma Phi Beta) and worked together in college at HandPicked, Inc.


About the groom

Greg grew up in Alpharetta, GA. He attended Young Harris College before transfering to the University of South Carolina. Greg graduated with a degree in Sport Marketing from USC. He now lives in New York City where he works as a media planner at MindShare. His southern accent charms all the northerners and his love for college football, Roll Tide Roll and Go Gamecocks, keeps his southern roots grounded.


How they met

Lena’s roommate’s boyfriend decided to come down for the University of South Carolina vs University of Florida football game and bring his friend, Greg, along with him. Immediately upon seeing a picture of Lena on Facebook, Greg called ‘Dibs!’ and the rest is history.


The Bride’s version of the proposal:

Date of event: Friday, December 23, 2011

I flew down to SC from NYC to spend Christmas with my family and of course Greg (Greg and I were living in different cities at this time). Greg and I decided to drive to my friend, and Greg’s partner-in-crime, Erin’s house so we could all exchange Christmas gifts. I was waiting patiently all day and finally convinced everyone that we should open our presents. Greg was reluctant but eventually gave me one of my presents, which Erin had helped him pick out. I opened the box to discover a beautiful blue topaz ring with diamonds. I loved it, but also knew that this meant I would not be receiving ‘The Ring’ this year. I went outside with Erin and told her that I was just going to stop working myself up for an engagement. When he is ready he will ask me. Erin agreed and we left it at that.

Little did I know the plans that they both had in store for me later on in the evening.

Erin said we had to go to her Grandmother’s to say hello. We drove the golf cart up the path to Grandma’s house and chatted for a little while. After a little time had passed, Erin told me that her Dad had a light show that he wanted to show us. “Just amuse him’ she had said. A light show seemed pretty normal to me considering that Erin had lights on the barn for her wedding in October so I thought, he probablly just added more to it.

We drove the golf cart back down to the barn where it was pitch black. Erin cut the lights off pretty quickly which annoyed me, but I now understand why. Instead of driving all the way down the hill Erin insisted on staying at the top and making me walk down. (Side note: I do not do well in the dark. It freaks me out.) So in typical Lena fashion I started to complain and yell at Erin to just drive down the hill which she calmly told me ‘No’ and that she ‘Didn’t want to get the cart stuck’ which I knew there was no way this would happen. Annoyed, I got off the golf cart and started walking down the hill. Since it was dark, and I was starting to think I was going to be attacked by a wild animal, I started to call Greg’s name to come find me. A figure started walking towards me and annouced himself as my sweet boyfriend. As he got close to me he grabbed my right hand, yes ladies, my right not my left, and got down on one knee to pop the question. I was confused and thought he was joking since he knew everyone was joking about us getting engaged during every major Holiday recently. All I kept saying was ‘Are you kidding me?’ until I noticed he was putting an actual ring my finger.

Once I realized what this was really happening I was in shock and utter surprise. Erin was yelling at me to look up and as I did I saw, in Christmas light on the barn, a sign that said ‘Will You Marry Me’ which I thought read ‘Wilson’ and was confused but eventually figured it out. Of course I said Yes and Johnny, Erin’s Brother-in-Law, began shooting off fireworks. It was amazing and wonderful and I all happened while I was wearing an oversized gray sweatshirt.heart



(Engagement Photos by : Kristin Vining Photography)






Valentine’s Day Proposals

Valentine’s Day may be a commercial holiday, but at the end of the day, many couples agree that it’s nice to take one day to celebrate your love. Case in point? It’s an extremely popular day for proposals.


The latest  American Express Spending & Saving Tracker consumer report surveyed Americans’ Valentine’s Day plans and found that six million couples are likely to get engaged on Feb. 14.  That’s up from 4 million in 2012. The total number of engagements planned or expected for 2013 remains steady at 14 million.

Here’s some other stats about Valentine’s Day:

Increased Spending On Gifts
How much will you spend on your significant other this year? Eighty-three percent of couples plan on giving each other gifts and will spend $260 on average — up from $196 from last year. Men will spend an average of $272; women will spend $209. The most popular gifts include greeting cards (57 percent), flowers (32 percent) and jewelry (17 percent). Gift cards and cash are less popular gifts than last year — 21 percent will be gifting these, down from 26 percent in 2012.
Virtual V-Day Wishes

Valentine’s Day is going virtual — 62 percent of couples will utilize some form of technology or social media to share Valentine’s Day messages. Most will send a text (34 percent), 33 percent will send a Facebook post or message, 26 percent will send an email and 22 percent will send an e-card.
Average Cost Of An Engagement Ring
slide_278704_2061151_freeThose 6 million people planning to propose on V-Day better start saving: the average estimated cost of an engagement ring in 2013 is $2,410.
Valentine’s Day Overrated?slide_278704_2061246_free

Everyone, breathe a sigh of relief. Valentine’s Day may not be as important to your partner as you think: 30 percent of women in relationships think the holiday is overrated.
Share with us your favorite thing about Valentine’s Day! Leave us a comment!

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage….

So I’m so excited to share that two of TLC Events couples from last year are now becoming families of three!!

My best friend, Suzanne and her husband, Matt (you’ll remember their beautiful small winter wedding in Athens, GA….WINTER WONDERLAND WEDDING) told me a few months back that they were expecting….But they just found out.. IT’S A BOY!

She announced to the “Facebook world” they were expecting with this cute picture/Christmas ornament.


Our other parents-to-be are the Garmans! Stee and Josh just recently announced they’d be welcoming a baby in early September.  They tied the knot last May in Lexington .  Stee posted this picture of her Facebook page to share the big news…



I’m so happy for both couples and can’t wait to spoil their bundles of joy!! Love to both Josh & Stee and Suzanne & Matt!

Josh & Stee Say “I Do!”

What (or who) helped you most in your planning process and/or on your wedding day?

Stee: Having a fiance’ in Afghanistan probably helped me the most in planning for the big day due to all the new free time I had. I was able to work on wedding stuff throughout the weeks and weekends when I would usually be spending time with my now new husband. I was able to spend large amounts of time researching everything from flowers to koozies.  I also had a great friend who helped me through the whole process as well. She was definitely the biggest help on my wedding day because she knew the end and outs of everything. She knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it, which made everything less stressful.

What was the most important thing to you when deciding who to work with for your wedding?

Stee: It’s hard to say the most important thing about choosing vendors, I can narrow it down to 3 things. Word of mouth helped me a lot in choosing my vendors. I asked my friends who they used, what they liked and disliked, and then researched them from myself. Professionalism was also very important. When I was calling around to meet with different florist, I ran into two that didn’t even return my call….very unprofessional. And the last thing, which could be the most important, was the connection I felt. All of my vendors were very down to earth and easy to talk to. I found that some almost became family during the planning, which made the planning go by very smoothly.

What was your favorite thing about your wedding?

Stee: Ultimately my favorite thing about my wedding was being with both my friends and family as well as my husband’s. I don’t think the opportunity will ever arise for us all to be together again, so I cherished this time of togetherness.

What is your best piece of advice for other brides?

Stee: The best piece of advice I could give to other brides would be to be organized. Buy one of those big binders and keep everything you can in it. Wedding planning is hectic, and I felt like this gave me some piece of mine. I felt very accomplished when I could check things off of my checklists.  Mine has dates of wedding shows I attended, vendors I liked, and pictures taken throughout the planning. It really turns out to be an amazing keepsake.


New Partnership

In the wedding industry, you get the opportunity to meet and work with some AMAZING people… I have made so many great friends through my business and love what I do.

When I was planning my wedding last year, I met an amazing photography husband-wife duo who I just clicked with and fell in love with. My husband and I hired them on the spot and were so please with all of our pictures… from engagement to my bridals and our wedding day. Judy Kay & Wayne Bryan are just perfect at what they do and know how to capture all the “special” moments.

Judy Kay, Dave, Chaunte’ & Wayne

Judy Kay & I really clicked during all our photo shoots and we became really close. After the wedding, Judy Kay offered me a position to be an assistant to her, helping her coordinate with her brides as well assist her on shoots. I jumped at the opportunity to give me some experience in the industry.  It was because of Judy Kay & my passion for weddings that I decided to open “TLC Events.”


On that note, I am pleased to announce that Photos By J.Kay & TLC Events have now partnered together to offer brides a great package deal for their wedding. The deal includes wedding coordination for your wedding day as well as photography for engagement, bridals and wedding day, complete with 2 photographers and a disc full of all your pictures from each shoot, with rights to print!

We would love to make your day as special as you deserve! For details, please contact us at or click on the Contact tab to send us a message!