Lena & Greg Say “I Do”

I had the honor of coordinating Lena & Greg’s wedding back in April. The venue was beautiful…. Cypress Tree Plantation out on Edisto Island. Lena and I are actually sorority sisters and we even worked together back in college at the corporate office for a local southern jewelry company.  Her husband Greg is such a sweetheart and these two were made for one another. I wish the two of them nothing but happiness and joy!



lena dress


ceremony 2

wedding party

girls cake


dance floor

reception 2

Photographer: Kristin Vining 

Videographer: My Memories Film

DJ: East Coast Entertainment – Chuck Hendrix

Caterer: Souther Affair

Cake: Declare Cakes

Flowers: Coming Up Roses

Transportation: Limos For Less

Bar Service: Spike By Snyder

Ready To Say “I Do”

Tomorrow, this beautiful couple will say “I Do” and go from two individuals to a couple. I’m so honored to be coordinating Lena & Greg’s wedding. They will tie the knot at the beautiful Cypress Tree Plantation in Edisto, South Carolina.



About the bride

Lena grew up in Tega Cay, SC. She attended the College of Charleston before transfering to the University of South Carolina where she got her degree in Advertising. Lena currently lives in New York City where she works as a media buyer at MediaVest. Her love for college football brings her home each year to see at least one Carolina football game. Go Gamecocks! Lena & I are actually sorority sisters (Gamma Phi Beta) and worked together in college at HandPicked, Inc.


About the groom

Greg grew up in Alpharetta, GA. He attended Young Harris College before transfering to the University of South Carolina. Greg graduated with a degree in Sport Marketing from USC. He now lives in New York City where he works as a media planner at MindShare. His southern accent charms all the northerners and his love for college football, Roll Tide Roll and Go Gamecocks, keeps his southern roots grounded.


How they met

Lena’s roommate’s boyfriend decided to come down for the University of South Carolina vs University of Florida football game and bring his friend, Greg, along with him. Immediately upon seeing a picture of Lena on Facebook, Greg called ‘Dibs!’ and the rest is history.


The Bride’s version of the proposal:

Date of event: Friday, December 23, 2011

I flew down to SC from NYC to spend Christmas with my family and of course Greg (Greg and I were living in different cities at this time). Greg and I decided to drive to my friend, and Greg’s partner-in-crime, Erin’s house so we could all exchange Christmas gifts. I was waiting patiently all day and finally convinced everyone that we should open our presents. Greg was reluctant but eventually gave me one of my presents, which Erin had helped him pick out. I opened the box to discover a beautiful blue topaz ring with diamonds. I loved it, but also knew that this meant I would not be receiving ‘The Ring’ this year. I went outside with Erin and told her that I was just going to stop working myself up for an engagement. When he is ready he will ask me. Erin agreed and we left it at that.

Little did I know the plans that they both had in store for me later on in the evening.

Erin said we had to go to her Grandmother’s to say hello. We drove the golf cart up the path to Grandma’s house and chatted for a little while. After a little time had passed, Erin told me that her Dad had a light show that he wanted to show us. “Just amuse him’ she had said. A light show seemed pretty normal to me considering that Erin had lights on the barn for her wedding in October so I thought, he probablly just added more to it.

We drove the golf cart back down to the barn where it was pitch black. Erin cut the lights off pretty quickly which annoyed me, but I now understand why. Instead of driving all the way down the hill Erin insisted on staying at the top and making me walk down. (Side note: I do not do well in the dark. It freaks me out.) So in typical Lena fashion I started to complain and yell at Erin to just drive down the hill which she calmly told me ‘No’ and that she ‘Didn’t want to get the cart stuck’ which I knew there was no way this would happen. Annoyed, I got off the golf cart and started walking down the hill. Since it was dark, and I was starting to think I was going to be attacked by a wild animal, I started to call Greg’s name to come find me. A figure started walking towards me and annouced himself as my sweet boyfriend. As he got close to me he grabbed my right hand, yes ladies, my right not my left, and got down on one knee to pop the question. I was confused and thought he was joking since he knew everyone was joking about us getting engaged during every major Holiday recently. All I kept saying was ‘Are you kidding me?’ until I noticed he was putting an actual ring my finger.

Once I realized what this was really happening I was in shock and utter surprise. Erin was yelling at me to look up and as I did I saw, in Christmas light on the barn, a sign that said ‘Will You Marry Me’ which I thought read ‘Wilson’ and was confused but eventually figured it out. Of course I said Yes and Johnny, Erin’s Brother-in-Law, began shooting off fireworks. It was amazing and wonderful and I all happened while I was wearing an oversized gray sweatshirt.heart



(Engagement Photos by : Kristin Vining Photography)