5 Unique Wedding Gifts



Personalized cake topper from Etsy

Most couples have a registry where they have listed items they would like for their new home/life together. However, why not get them one thing they requested and then another special present that will be unique to just the two of them?

Below are a few gift ideas that could be perfect for the different types of Mr. & Mrs.

1. For the Romantics. Personalized tree swing from Red Envelope. In future years, the couple may swing their children on it.  Obviously, it would only work if you have 1) a tree and 2) a house.



2. For The Cooks : When your going to a potluck or party, its hard to locate your pan afterwards…unless its been personalized  🙂 It can be purchased at this fun site.



3. For The Wine Lovers: Most people like wine… So this find was extra special. The buyer gets to choose the box, wine, the message on the box, as well as a note on the inside of the lid.  Each step is personalized for the couple. You could even put: 1 year Anniversary, 1st House, and 1st child.

classic-trio4. For The Happy Couple: Personalized art with names, and city skyline (of choice) where the couple reside. Found this on Etsy!



5. For The Coffee Lovers: Last find: A monthly coffee subscription! There are monthly wine, as well as spice and beauty subscriptions….Why not coffee? This would be fun for the couple, in the early morning hours before heading off to work.



Source:  Mrs. & The Misc.

Is A New Year’s Eve Wedding A Good Idea?

We just started 2013, but that doesn’t mean someone out there is looking to plan a New Year’s Eve wedding for this year. But is it a good idea?

new year's eve wedding

A New Year’s Eve wedding can be a blast. It’s hard to imagine anyone not having a good time with all that good cheer going around. Symbolically, what could be better than starting the year off with your new status? On the other hand, it’s not a wholly positive thing. If you’re thinking of having a New Year’s Eve wedding, make sure you consider some of these issues.

Vendors and venues may not be available, and those who are available will probably be more expensive. During most of the year you’re only competing with other brides and grooms for dates, but on New Year’s Eve there are many more opportunities for professionals. They need to charge a premium for their services.

Time of day If you’re getting married on New Year’s Eve your party has to last until after midnight. If you were already planning on having a nighttime wedding, that’s not a big deal. But, if you wanted a more casual, earlier event, you’re out of luck. If you want to start the wedding early enough for older relatives and those with kids to enjoy, then you’re talking about an extra long reception.

Anniversaries You will never in your life be able to celebrate your anniversary with something that’s both special and affordable. On the plus side, you will never forget your anniversary.

Guests This depends on who your friends are. Some may be psyched that you’ve saved them the cost of planning a big New Year’s Eve out. Some may be aggravated that you’ve decided how they should celebrate New Year’s Eve. Some people will already have the time off of work, others may find it impossible to get the time off.

Planning time Depending on your job, you may automatically have the week before your wedding off and not need to take vacation time. At the very least, you’ll have the day after your wedding off. Unless of course, you’re in the service industry, in which case, good luck with that. Keep in mind, too, that if you’re planning a normal sized wedding with the standard fixings it will take longer to plan. That’s because of our first point about vendors and venues. You’ll need to get the date locked in early.

What do you think? Are you a fan of New Year’s Eve weddings? Tell us in the comments.


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Guests: What To Wear

Today’s quick attire tidbit comes from a fabulous Pinterest post provided by Wedding 101.  I often have friends reach out to me asking for advice on what to wear for a wedding.  Aside from a recent slip up when I forgot to pack a DRESS for an out of town wedding, my fashion cues are usually on point.  When in doubt, err on the side of conservative and dressier rather than casual.  It is more embarrassing to show up to a wedding under dressed than over dressed.  And, besides, you never know who you may meet so bring the wedding heat!  Whether a wedding is black tie, backyard casual, Wedding 101 has nailed down simple tips on how to dress for the big day.

When in doubt, a sleek, fitted  black dress with fabulous jewelry, shoes and a clutch never fails.



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Wedding Entertainment

Your wedding is a celebration of you and your fiance’s love for each other. A celebration, of course, calls for entertainment!

The most common entertainment option is a DJ.A DJ is inexpensive and has the potential to provide a great deal of entertainment. They also are able to play all types of music, whereas a band can only play a few types of music. When choosing a DJ, make sure they have recommendations from other clients, because some may not be appropriate for a wedding.

Courtesy: PartyTime DJ’s

A band has the immediate WOW factor in the entertainment arena. They are, however, more costly than a DJ. A good band will know the flow of weddings, and they will coordinate with your planner so they can emcee the event. They’ll keep the dance floor packed and the music flowing. A band can add a certain something to a wedding with the live music and interaction.

If you can’t decide between a DJ or a band, you can have both! Some weddings will have a band in the early hours of the reception, and a DJ later on to keep the party going. It’s a great way to come to a happy medium if you’re torn between the two.

Another option for entertainment is to have an instrumental group. This will provide a more formal feel to the evening. A string quartet is the most common instrumental group at weddings. Instrumental groups are a great option for a cocktail hour or a cocktail and hor d’ouerve reception.

There are many different ways that you can provide entertainment to your guests. Some are run-of-the-mill, and some are incredibly different! Whatever it is that you decide, make sure it’s something that YOU will enjoy too!

Why You Need a Wedding Guest Book

We’ve shared wedding guest book (and alternatives) in the past, but we’ve never honed in on why you need a wedding guest book. A guest book is one of the most important accessories you’ll buy for your wedding, and we think you’ll agree. Read on to find out three key reasons why you need a wedding guest book.

1. A guest book is a lasting keepsake after the wedding day.

This is likely the most obvious, but still important to point out. A wedding guest book becomes a keepsake record of guests who attended and shared in your special day. With each passing year, those heartfelt messages, notes, signatures, and memories will become more important to you and worthy of becoming a key fixture on your bookshelf. It’s fun to flip through the guest book after the wedding (I can attest to this) and re-read those sweet sentiments.

2. A guest book can be an effective icebreaker for guests.

When guests enter the reception, he or she typically makes a beeline for the guest book, which is a great way to familiarize themselves with guests who have already arrived. A terrific idea is to place guest miniature guest books at each table (or words of wisdom, which can be placed into a box later) which gets guests to talk amongst themselves and share their own marriage advice or tips for happiness ever after. Most of the time, not everyone at a reception table is acquainted, so this gives guests a reason to chat before dinner is served.

3. A guest book is helpful for writing thank you notes.

Unsure if your spelling is correct? Wondering if the address you have still is accurate? Guest books are like a cheat sheet when it comes to your thank you notes, giving you proper spelling and address corrections if needed. Also, when your guest book includes quotes, advice, or tips for a happy marriage, you should include a note in your thank you’s to show guests you read and appreciated the kind words.