Why You Need a Wedding Guest Book

We’ve shared wedding guest book (and alternatives) in the past, but we’ve never honed in on why you need a wedding guest book. A guest book is one of the most important accessories you’ll buy for your wedding, and we think you’ll agree. Read on to find out three key reasons why you need a wedding guest book.

1. A guest book is a lasting keepsake after the wedding day.

This is likely the most obvious, but still important to point out. A wedding guest book becomes a keepsake record of guests who attended and shared in your special day. With each passing year, those heartfelt messages, notes, signatures, and memories will become more important to you and worthy of becoming a key fixture on your bookshelf. It’s fun to flip through the guest book after the wedding (I can attest to this) and re-read those sweet sentiments.

2. A guest book can be an effective icebreaker for guests.

When guests enter the reception, he or she typically makes a beeline for the guest book, which is a great way to familiarize themselves with guests who have already arrived. A terrific idea is to place guest miniature guest books at each table (or words of wisdom, which can be placed into a box later) which gets guests to talk amongst themselves and share their own marriage advice or tips for happiness ever after. Most of the time, not everyone at a reception table is acquainted, so this gives guests a reason to chat before dinner is served.

3. A guest book is helpful for writing thank you notes.

Unsure if your spelling is correct? Wondering if the address you have still is accurate? Guest books are like a cheat sheet when it comes to your thank you notes, giving you proper spelling and address corrections if needed. Also, when your guest book includes quotes, advice, or tips for a happy marriage, you should include a note in your thank you’s to show guests you read and appreciated the kind words.


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