Take Me Out to The Ball Game

I am a huge Atlanta Braves fan and now that baseball season is here, besides wedding planning, you can find me watching the Braves. One of my first out-of-town trips with my now husband was to Atlanta to go to a Braves game… and in fact, that’s where we went again to celebrate our first anniversary last year! (On a side note, I’m headed to Atlanta this weekend for my matron of honor’s baby shower… and I checked, hoping their was a Braves game and unfortunately, they’re on the road)

Atlanta 2009

Atlanta 2009

Atlanta 2012

Atlanta 2012

Some people love sports so much, they incorporate that in to their weddings. So with baseball season underway, I wanted to share some ways you can incorporate the love of the diamond (the one with 4 bases) into your big day.

Have guests sign a bat instead of a guest book

Have guests sign a bat instead of a guest book





Baseball Cufflinks

Baseball Cufflinks

Baseball-themed Wedding Invitation

Baseball-themed Wedding Invitation


New York Mets Garter

New York Mets Garter

Candy Trays

Candy Trays

Table Numbers

Table Numbers

Wedding Invitations pictures 042


Fantasy Sports Weddings

Fantasy Isn’t Just For Football.

Source: magnetstreet.com

Source: magnetstreet.com

Now that the Big Game is history, it’s time to turn our attention back to the second most popular contact sport in America: wedding planning.  Just kidding, but occasionally the stress can feel like a blindside hit from Ray Lewis.  So relax, and think about throwing an All-American wedding using your favorite sport as your theme.


It all begins with a proposal on a football field, with a couple in jerseys and tennis shoes. If you’re at a major stadium, you can even arrange to have that special moment displayed on the Jumbotron for all sixty thousand of your new best friends to see.

Then the planning starts. Are you going to schedule the wedding for a game day? Not unless you don’t mind having most of the guests hanging out in the bar, glued to the TV.

If you so choose, your ceremony can begin with the national anthem, and there should be a field nearby so your photographer can take pictures of your wedding party playing football.  I’ve seen it done more than once, but you have to make sure you have enough attendants to make a game of it.


And if you want to go the whole nine yards (sorry), you’ll need football inspired wedding attire. The officiant should be wearing black and white stripes, the bride’s shoes could be sequined cleats and the garter can sport your team’s logo.  The groom will be wearing his lucky game-day socks, the same pair he wears every Sunday afternoon in the fall.

What better way to enter your reception than with a bride and groom touchdown dance? When you hit the dance floor, the DJ will rock classic fight songs.

Kellogg Photography

But there is one big difference.  As a famous NFL running back said when asked about the Super Bowl, “If this is the ultimate game, how come there’s another one next year?”  For you, there really is no next season, so just get out on the floor and dance!

Little Borrowed Dress

Ladies, ever been jealous of men and their tux rentals? I know I have! Well, you’re in luck, because I’ve found absolutely stunning bridesmaids dresses available in the first online wedding boutique to offer bridesmaid dresser for rent, Little Borrowed Dress!  From the moment I set eyes upon the gorgeous gowns in the Little Borrowed Dress collection, I was smitten.

These beauties are 100% silk and come in a range of colors (order your free fabric swatch here) sure to work with any palette!  The stylish silhouettes flatter all figures and have built-in adjustment points to ensure a perfect fit.  And best of all? Rental prices start at just $50!

It’s $50 for knee-length, $75 for floor-length, plus a $5 insurance fee.


So how does it work: Browse their website, littleborroweddress.com, and pick the style, size and color you want and then reserve the date. Not sure what size you are? They’ll send you two options. When the wedding’s over just pop it back in the mail in the pre-addressed and stamped envelope that came with your dress.






You can follow Little Borrowed Dress on Pinterest…. just click HERE.

Pantone Colors of 2013

t’s my favourite time of year again – Pantone have just released their latest spring fashion palette, and man, is it a good one! I absolutely love every one of these pretty, preppy colours, from punchy Poppy Red or Lemon Zest to cool Monaco Blue (best name ever) and Linen, which pretty much go with everything. Greyed Jade and African Violet are lovely soft versions of purple and green, and Tender Shoots and Nectarine offer chilled out alternatives to chartreuse and coral. I also love emerald and dusky blue – lovely, cool colours you just want to dive on into. There are SO many combinations of these colours that would look amazing at a wedding, but I’ve put together a few mini palettes to get you started. Which is your favourite?

Source: Simply Bloom Photography via Every Last Detail

Source: Jess + Nate Studios via Style Me Pretty

Source: Momental Designs/Swoon Over It Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

Source: In The Now Weddings + Events/Mathieu Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Source: Jose Villa via Design Sponge

Source: Corey Hendrickson via Bridal Musings

Source: Mirelle Carmichael Photography via Style Me Pretty



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At The Center…

wedding centerpiece ideas A centerpiece may be the focal point on a table but it does not have to be too extreme or cost you the earth. Many brides have created something special with a few flowers and a mason jar. Just because you choose something that is DIY or looks DIY does not mean you have to do it yourself, it could however land up saving you a lot of money at the end of the day if you did.

7 tips on how to have/make a fabulous centerpiece on a DIY budget.

1. Buy some of the items yourself. If you choose to have a glass jar or book in the centerpiece ask the decor company if you can supply your own and get a discount on the centerpieces for doing so. If you are doing the centerpiece yourself buy books from a second-hand store or use some of your own. Buy the glass jars and jugs directly from the supplier if you can.

2. Be aware of things when you shop or page through magazines.
You will often find the item you are looking for, for cheaper when shopping around or reading the captions below the images in bridal magazines. You might even find an idea that is similar and equally beautiful but is less effort and less expensive.

3. When doing a centerpiece yourself ALWAYS go straight to suppliers or factory stores first. Smaller stores have to put a further mark-up on products, which might be convenient but it will be more expensive. You will also be exposed to a wider range of items at the supplier.

4. Choose flowers that are in season or buy fresh bunches. Buy bunches of fresh flowers from your local flower shop and arranging those in jars or vases. This will save you a fortune.  When you find a bunch you like be sure to take a photo,  and ask if it will be available at the time of your wedding.

5. Practice makes perfect. If you plan on doing it yourself, the flower arranging can be a bit tricky so practice as many times as you need to. Don’t get frustrated as having something on the table you designed or created from scratch will be worthwhile. It gives your wedding that extra personal touch. Take photos so that the day before the wedding the person arranging it for you knows exactly how you want it arranged.

6. A little bit of ribbon and lace can go a long way. Spice things up with some ribbon, twine or lace to give your centerpiece that finished look. If you’ve chosen a colourful or vintage tin then you might want to skip the ribbon or lace, see what works and go with it.

7. Make sure to place your table number on or close to your centerpiece. If your table number is fairly plain this will bring it to life and complement the centerpiece.

Have a look at the lovely images below for inspiration and centerpiece ideas.

Centerpiece book pastel shades wedding

Image credit: The High Life Suite

Table setting centerpiece with books and mason jarsImage credit: Fanantique

Elegant vintage centerpiece tin

Image credit: Heart Love Weddings

Centerpiece and table setting Rustic

Image credit: Miss to Missus

White flower centerpiece in silver vase

Image credit: Tipsy Bride

Yellow modern centerpiece

Wine bottle centerpiece rustic

Image credit: My Wedding

Wine bottle centerpiece table number

Image credit:  Martha Stewart

Modern colourful flower centerpiece

Image credit: Brides

Colourful Vintage centerpiece DIY

Image credit: Sour Cherry

Rustic vintage colourful tin centerpiece

Image credit: Martha Stewart

Modern rustic vintage centerpiece

Image credit: Aileen Tran

Vintage rustic bowl centerpiece

Rustic wood centerpiece DIY

Image credit: HWTM

Please click on Hwtm link to see the full tutorial.

Rustic flower wood centerpiece

Image credit: One Wed

Colourful flower centerpiece wood

Image credit: Brides

DIY Jar centerpiece

Image credit: Heather Spriggs

Centerpiece birdcage vintage

Image credit: Sawdust and Cream

Vintage jar centerpiece

Image credit: Ruffled Blog

White flower wood rustic centerpiece

Rustic colourful centerpiece

Image credit: Bravo Bride

White jug centerpiece vintageImage credit: Knots and Kisses

Milk jug centerpiece vintage rustic

Image credit: Rock My Wedding

Colourful flowers and jar centerpiece

Image credit: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Blue Mason jar centerpiece

Image credit: Magnet Street

Centerpiece purple books and jarImage credit: Celebration

So many pretty ideas to choose from! Remember to never underestimate your creativity when creating a centerpiece.


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Autumnal Wedding Ideas

With the night’s drawing in and the Autumn weather bringing out the jackets, gloves and scarves, I thought it a great time to focus on the pleasures of this beautiful season and how you can incorporate this into your wedding day.

Now, I am a summer girl deep down – I love the sunshine, the heat, being outside,  going barefoot, sitting on the beach … but fall is such a beautiful time of years with the change of colors and the weather here in the South is still warm during the day before cooling off in the evenings.

‘Fall’ing in love…

I’m thinking…..open fires, long walks on a beautiful crisp sunny day kicking up the autumn leaves, followed by a roast dinner and a pint at the pub in front of a roaring log fire.  Bonfire night and all it encompasses – mulled wine, roast chestnuts, hog roasts, bonfires, fireworks and sparklers.  Hearty warm stews with fresh crusty bread.

Autumn Wedding Love

The autumn months are a great time to get married.  If you’re getting married in the south, most you may consider having your wedding & reception outside but some decide to move the party indoors after the “I Do’s” because it begins to cool off.  The abundance of color with the changing leaves and autumnal skies makes for amazing backdrops to your photographs.  And work with the seasons, incorporate flowers that are in season such as gerbera, roses, hydrangeas, dahlias and the beautifully rich red mango calla lillies to create a striking colourful look.

TLC Event’s Autumn wedding ideas:

  • Serve mulled wine at your drinks reception instead of champagne – saving you money and warming your guests on a cold day!
  • Mini-toffee apples are a fun idea to serve on your dessert table or for the young ones in your wedding party
  • Hold a fireworks display or have guests release flying lanterns into the sky to create a dramatic send off at the end of the night
  • If your venue doesn’t allow fireworks or lanterns, why not give sparklers to each guest to create to create a walkway of light for your send off.
  • Use autumn flowers that are in season to help keep the costs of your flowers & decorations down
  • Why not serve a hog roast for your evening buffet – perfect for venues that have an outside area with patio heaters!

What are you planning to have at your Autumn wedding? We’d love to hear your ideas!

Don’t forget to check out our latest board about Autumn Weddings on Pinterest!

What To Wear For Engagement Pictures

I am a firm believer that the three elements you need for a successful engagement shoot are simply 1. a good photographer 2. a couple in love and 3. stylish outfits! I know that may sound a bit shallow, but when I looked back at my favorite engagement sessions they all contained those three key things. I am not a stylist, fashionista and definitely not an expert, but after a little research I found some great tips and pointers from the people who would know best, photographers.

1.  Coordinate Colors. This doesn’t mean matchy-matchy, it just means that you wear colors that complement each other and pieces that have common shades. Here’s a great example from Pinterst.

Spokane wedding blog

An easy way to pair colors is to choose one hue (like the pink blouse below) then combine it with a neutral.

2. Be bold with color. Black is slimming but it doesn’t always come out well in photos so try and pick a bright color that will stand out.

Spokane wedding venue

From Hazelnut Photography

3. Wear extra make-up! Your engagement session is a great time to try out your wedding make-up artist. So try and see if you can coordinate a trial on the day of your engagement session. If not, make sure you wear heavier make-up than your everyday look, and definitely wear lipstick! Be sure to bring your make-up with you for touch ups.

4. Don’t be afraid of prints. I know they may be a bit scary, but a head to toe print can look great in photos. Just make sure it’s one that is flattering and hits you in the right places! Also, stay clear of logos and designs on shirts, etc. To balance the print, have your fiance wear a solid color.

From Hazelnut Photography

5. Choose clothes that complement your surroundings. Try and wear an outfit that matches your location. For example if you are going to be shooting in a wheat field, then wear a casual sun dress with cowboy bootsBut if your shoot is more formal, a cocktail dress or nice pair of slacks and sweater is the way to go.

6. Have an outfit change. It’s a good idea to have one casual outfit and one more formal one. And if you are unsure of what to wear, bring a couple options to your shoot and ask your photographer which one they think will work best.

7. Wear playful accessories. Play up your femininity if the outfit is edgy or choose edgy jewelry to balance super feminine outfits. If your outfit is pretty casual, try sprucing it up with a pretty necklace, high heels or cute flats.

8. Avoid anything too trendy. You want your outfit to be current and contemporary, but not something that’s going to be embarrassing in a couple months!

9. Wear layers. In my research, there were quite a few photographers who said that clothes photograph better when they are layered. So add a cardigan, blazer or jacket to finish your look!

10. Be true to your style. It sounds like a cop out, but really and truly the best photos are the ones where the couple is just being themselves. So above all, wear an outfit you’re comfortable in and that accentuates your style and best features.


2013 Color Trends

By now you have probably heard about Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2012 – Tangerine Tango… But what about the wedding you are planning for next summer? Here’s what the color experts at Pantone are predicting to be the 2013 color trends.

Use the beautiful ideas below for inspiration as you plan your 2013 wedding.


The hottest colors for next year will be blues and browns.

Source: Wedding Channel, BlogSpot, Wedding by Color, Project Wedding


Source: Bride Wedding, Martha Stewart, DIY Wedding Planner, My Beloved Adoria


Other important colors for 2013 are all shades of white and yellow.

Source: Susan Marie Weddings, Sweet & Saucy Shop, New England Fine Living, Party Favorites Blog

Source: Candy Warehouse, IfTheRingFits


Metallics will also be pretty hot next year.

Source: Dorsi, Charm City Cakes, 100 Layer Cake, The Knot


Did you already have your heart set on a wedding theme in Tangerine Tango?  Not to worry, the color orange will remain popular in 2013! And what about the color that will fall in popularity next year? The experts at Pantone predict the color red will become less popular.

You can choose to follow the hottest colors, or simply follow your heart, but make sure you love the color palate you choose, because you’ll cherish the memories and images of your Big Day for a very long time.


Flower Girl Inspiration…



Though the Flower Girl plays a significant role in a ceremony, her attire is often overlooked until the last minute. When the time comes to focus on that adorable little one, finding that perfect dress can be much more time consuming than anticipated, as many brides want their flower girls to blend in with their bridesmaids, but not match them.

Add a simple lace, satin or embellished sash to a simple white or ivory dress, or if you don’t want your flower girl to wear a white dress, opt for something colorful. Choose the same or a complimentary hue to the bridesmaids dresses.

Etiquette Tip: If you think about it, the women standing next to you at the altar know you well. You have spent years developing friendships with them. Often, this is not the case with a flower girl. If you are paying for your bridesmaid dresses, it’s best to offer to do the same for the flower girl. Her dress will most likely cost less.






Accessories are something you will most likely contribute to the flower girl’s attire. Some trends we are loving? Tutu’s, burlap baskets, halos, customized headbands and handmade signs. Browse through Etsy for more ideas!



Remember, it’s the LITTLE things that count!



Bridesmaid Dresses

One of the most challenging decisions brides face is finding bridesmaid dresses. In fact, many brides say this takes much longer than finding their wedding gown. After all, bridesmaids dresses play a significant role in the overall look of the ceremony.

Here are some bridesmaid dress color pallets: Pastels, neutrals, blush, mint and metallics.

Bridesmaids Dress Tip: When beginning your search for those ideal dresses, make it an event. Invite your maids to join you at boutique appointments. Make them feel special by asking them how they like and feel in the dresses; the more comfortable they are, the better your pictures will be!

Bridesmaids Dress Etiquette: Traditionally, the bride pays for the bridesmaids dresses, but these days, just about anything goes, depending on the situation. If they are making a long journey to your fabulous destination wedding, it’s polite to pay for their dress. Some bridesmaids pay for their dress, shoes, makeup, hair, etc., but if you’re not extending the offer to pay for one of these, it’s nice to give them a gift that shows your gratitude for their presence and support on your big day.

All images credited to Green Wedding Shoes.

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