Flower Girl Inspiration…



Though the Flower Girl plays a significant role in a ceremony, her attire is often overlooked until the last minute. When the time comes to focus on that adorable little one, finding that perfect dress can be much more time consuming than anticipated, as many brides want their flower girls to blend in with their bridesmaids, but not match them.

Add a simple lace, satin or embellished sash to a simple white or ivory dress, or if you don’t want your flower girl to wear a white dress, opt for something colorful. Choose the same or a complimentary hue to the bridesmaids dresses.

Etiquette Tip: If you think about it, the women standing next to you at the altar know you well. You have spent years developing friendships with them. Often, this is not the case with a flower girl. If you are paying for your bridesmaid dresses, it’s best to offer to do the same for the flower girl. Her dress will most likely cost less.






Accessories are something you will most likely contribute to the flower girl’s attire. Some trends we are loving? Tutu’s, burlap baskets, halos, customized headbands and handmade signs. Browse through Etsy for more ideas!



Remember, it’s the LITTLE things that count!




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