5 Unique Wedding Gifts



Personalized cake topper from Etsy

Most couples have a registry where they have listed items they would like for their new home/life together. However, why not get them one thing they requested and then another special present that will be unique to just the two of them?

Below are a few gift ideas that could be perfect for the different types of Mr. & Mrs.

1. For the Romantics. Personalized tree swing from Red Envelope. In future years, the couple may swing their children on it.  Obviously, it would only work if you have 1) a tree and 2) a house.



2. For The Cooks : When your going to a potluck or party, its hard to locate your pan afterwards…unless its been personalized  🙂 It can be purchased at this fun site.



3. For The Wine Lovers: Most people like wine… So this find was extra special. The buyer gets to choose the box, wine, the message on the box, as well as a note on the inside of the lid.  Each step is personalized for the couple. You could even put: 1 year Anniversary, 1st House, and 1st child.

classic-trio4. For The Happy Couple: Personalized art with names, and city skyline (of choice) where the couple reside. Found this on Etsy!



5. For The Coffee Lovers: Last find: A monthly coffee subscription! There are monthly wine, as well as spice and beauty subscriptions….Why not coffee? This would be fun for the couple, in the early morning hours before heading off to work.



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Wedding 101: 10 Things No One Tells You About Your Wedding Day

All right ladies.  Cupcakes and sparkles aside, you will most likely experience a bit of stress on your wedding day.  As I’ve mentioned multiple times, there is no such thing as “perfection” and your wedding day is no exception.  This post is intended to lessen the blow of wedding-day blunders.  I promise I’m not a cynic, just trying to keep it real.  Loosen up a little bit and laugh thru the stress.  After all, memories are created from the quirky, unplanned incidents in life.

1. Keep a cash reserve and blank envelopes on your wedding day for vendor tips.  

You will most definitely incur unforeseen costs on your wedding day.  Whether you need to enlist a last minute harp player because your previously hired musician goes into labor or your rental company has to scramble to move your rain-soaked ceremony to an indoor spot, it is always important to keep cold hard cash on hand.  Tipping your vendors is extremely important and, as always, cash is king.  Save yourself the embarrassment of coming up short at the end of the night by preparing ahead of time.

2. Children will most definitely disobey your wedding wishes.

Your adorable niece and nephew are stepping in as flower girl and ring bearer.  Awesome.  Your ring bearer walks down the aisle picking his nose and your flower girl runs close behind, screaming and crying at the top of her lungs.  Double awesome.  The best advice with kids at weddings is to plan for the worst and hope for the best.  Mother-approved candy bribes never hurt either.

3. You can’t make a deal with higher powers to achieve  perfect weather.

Try as you might, a rain dance ain’t gonna cut it!  Embrace rain, sleet, snow, and wind and go with the flow.  Weather is completely out of your control, no matter what the price you try to pay to keep the weather sunny.  You can, however, create a contingency plan in the case of inclement weather.  Draped tents, anyone?

4. Going to the bathroom in your wedding dress will become a team sport.

Bustles and built-in bras and corsets, oh-my!  Modern wedding dresses can be as difficult to navigate as the ancient Greek labyrinth.  Use some common sense and enlist your buds to help make trips to the bathroom easier.  Your wedding day is the one day you shouldn’t feel guilty  about piling in to the handicapped stall.

5. You will most likely experience a sense of post-wedding depression. 

The past year of your engagement has been nothing short of pure bliss.  You are rocking some serious bling on your finger and had an opportunity to plan a lavish event centered around you and your fiancé.  The day after your wedcding can be compared to the depression that sets in after all of the presents have been opened on Christmas Day or the awful, sinking feeling that you have far exceeded your daily caloric limit on Thanksgiving Eve.  Buck up, buttercup!  This is only the beginning of a fun-filled adventure with your main squeeze.  Enjoy the ride!

6. Just because you’re having the best day of your life doesn’t mean that all of your guests will be sharing in the sentiment.

Whether it’s bitter single girlfriends who are having trouble being happy for you or cranky great-aunts who complain that the reception temperature is too cold, there will always be someone who appears to be having a less than stellar time at your soiree.  Don’t sweat it.  Enjoy your day and ignore the naysayers.

7. You’re going to feel the effects of alcohol much quicker than usual.

Let’s face it, ladies.  You’ve been working out like a maniac, dieting to fit into your gorgeous gown and running around like a chicken with your head cut off to tie up last minute loose ends with vendors.  Eating substantial meals is probably the last thing on your mind during the days leading up to your wedding.  Regardless of whether you’re a teetotaler or only enjoy a glass of champagne on special occasions, you will get drunk faster at your wedding than any other day.  It’s a proven scientific fact.

8. Keep a close eye on your wedding gift envelope table.

Although I hate having to give a warning that seems to be in such bad taste, when alcohol is involved there are times that goodnatured, honest people do shady things.  If the Father-of-the-Bride is not collecting all wedding gift envelopes, make sure you have a designated, secured spot to keep all envelopes and keep it monitored at all times.

9. Not everyone will want to participate in your wedding games and activities.  Let it go!

Yes, we know you spent months poring over Pinterest pins, wedding magazines and blogs to come up with the perfect wedding activities.  You’re a wedding diva, through-and-through.  If your girlfriends don’t want to dress up in funny accessories for your photo booth or your groomsmen don’t feel like blowing bubbles for your ceremony send off, don’t sweat it.  You still get an “A” for effort.

10. Guests are coming to your wedding ready to party.  Hard.

We’ve all seen “Wedding Crashers.”  Don’t feel guilty if you have to tell a guest to take a chill pill for inappropriate alcohol induced behavior or sneak a vodka soda sans vodka into a friend’s hand.  He or she will most likely thank you in their post-wedding haze (or when they see photos posted on Facebook from the wedding).  Party on, brides!


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7 Wedding Registry Tips Every Couple Should Know

If you’re planning your wedding, have you thought about your gift registry yet? Registering for gifts is one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding, even if you have no idea where to begin. Today I’m sharing seven wedding registry tips every couple should know to fire up that scanner gun and go to town. It’s easier than you think… and more fun, too!

1. DON’T register on an empty stomach.

Grab a bite to eat before you register. Also, don’t go at a busy time of day (like the middle of a Saturday afternoon). These things will make your registry experience stressful which takes the fun right out of it. Or, do it online in your pajamas!

2. give yourself plenty of time to look around.

Don’t start registering right before a store will close… and don’t save the wedding registry until the last minute. You may want to check out a few different stores, so don’t rush yourself. Span registering over a few days if you’d like to give yourself a fresh set of eyes, or you’ll start scanning everything in sight at the last minute.

3.  Register together as a couple.

The wedding registry should definitely be a wedding to-do that is tackled together whether in-store or online. You may not share the same taste in everything, but now’s the time to start meshing together your styles. Also, be open-minded: it goes a long way.

4. Register at your favorite stores… even HANDMADE!

Many stores now have registries – even online-only stores (like Amazon.com). If you want to register for handmade items (like in The Marketplace), we recommend using Amazon’s Wish List, which enables you to add ANY item you see to a wish list guests can download. It links up to your toolbar and you can add an item from ANY site. It’s truly amazing. And FREE!

5. DON’T register for something unless you’re going to keep it.

Guests want to give a gift you’ll keep (and enjoy). Don’t register for a gift you don’t like only to return it later. And, most importantly, have fun picking out items (and opt for a few fun items you wouldn’t normally buy yourself). Don’t register for items you feel necessary because it’s your wedding, if you already know you’ll probably never use it (like fine china – unless you really, really want it).

6. DON’T check the registry list before the shower…

… unless you a) don’t mind ruining the surprise, or b) simply can’t wait. It’s more fun to open gifts without knowing what’s inside, so if you can save the excitement for the shower. Plus, many people buy gifts at the last minute… so you won’t have an accurate list anyway. 😉

7.  Show your appreciation for shipped items at your shower.

Last but not least… many gifts will be shipped from the registry store straight to your home. If you’re planning to bring the gift to the shower – great! If not, be sure to spend a few minutes mentioning any gifts received to your home and thanking guests publicly. Also, if you want to REALLY show your appreciation, snap a photo of you opening the gift at home and print + mail to the gift giver (or send a digital photo via email) with a thank you. It’ll mean a lot to them knowing you liked the gift and they’ll also rest assured knowing the gift arrived in time (and in one piece).

Alternative Wedding Gift Registries

One of my husband’s favorite parts of wedding planning and I assume it’s like this for many guys, is registering for gifts. Having control of the scanner gun was a must for him! We registered in 2 stores and each time he had to have control. I think I only got to scan a few items.

When it comes to the gifts, they can be difficult for both newlyweds and guests. Guests aren’t sure what to buy, and usually have a price range they’d like to keep. And the bride and groom don’t know where it’s best to register and what price range they should stay within. There’s also always the possibility that relatives will come with a surprise gift that you didn’t ask for, but they just knew you’d love. Couples can save the stress of registering with multiple stores or confining all gifts to one store while trying to keep a decent price range. And, guests can also no longer have to scope out multiple registries hoping affordable gifts are still available, while also wondering if they’ve spent enough on the item. Something that is meant to be sweet and caring can turn into a headache quite quickly for both parties. So, for those hoping to lose the stress on both the couple and the guests, consider an alternative wedding gift registry.

Here are 5 ideas:


Photo Credit: Kate Miller Photography

This may be the current most popular gift registry idea. Rather than asking for specific items, the couple asks for guests to make a donation towards dream trip. This could be done simply with a jar at the reception or more technologically with a established fund at Honey Fund. Honey Fund is free and very customizable. With it, you can receive the money gifts before the wedding and therefore use it to plan your honeymoon. With the jar at the reception option, you will recoup the expenses you’ve already spent on the trip, or use them to plan a honeymoon at a later date. So, the method you choose is all a matter of time and presentation. There are also other websites that can be used, such as Upon Our Star, Honeymoon Wishes, and  The Honeymoon.


One of the biggest dreams for couples after they get married is buying their own home. But after paying for a wedding, funds may be tight. This may be to help save up for a downpayment on their first house or to help renovate an old fixer-upper that was just bought. It’s all about making a home for the happy new couple. Hatch My House is a great website to use as a registry if this is what you’d like to do. It can be used to establish a fund for a downpayment or to break down each element of the house that needs to be paid for, so guests can choose what exactly they’d like to pay for. To make everything a little more real also, you actually create your house when you create your registry, so guests can get an idea (even if vague) just what your house will be.


To help stock that new home with practical items and save newlyweds from receiving things, such as crystal stemware and fondue sets that will only be used when the gift-giver comes to visit, ask for things that you will always have a use for. This may mean a broom, soap, cleaning supplies, and possibly a few more permanent items such as a toaster or blender. This idea somewhat coincides with Greek customs. For Greek weddings, the newlyweds get their entire home stocked from top to bottom with everything they could possibly need.  All cupboards are filled to the top and the house is set up in a way that they can walk in the door and just begin their lives as husband and wife. So, ask for the items that you know you will need, so your guests can save you large and frequent trips to the store. And to escape multiple registries or confining to one store, use online registries such as Gift Registry 360 or Simple Registry.


Ask for coupons, not for the grocery store, but from daily deal websites. Refer guests to YipitLifebookerLiving Social , Dealery  more so that they can buy coupons to restaurants, hotels, salons, spas and more to keep you busy with fun and useful activities throughout the first year of your marriage. Just create a fillable Google spreadsheet giving some outlines of your interests and tastes, so guests have an idea what to buy. Link that spreadsheet to your wedding website or blog as your registry, and let guests fill it out when they buy a daily deal, so no one double buys. You’ll be surprised with how many new places and activities you will discover in your city and you will also have date night plans and relaxing spa days for a long time to come. Best of all, your guests will be able to get great gifts at a fraction of the cost saving them money.


Last but not least is the option of charitable donations. It’s not a new idea, but is as important as ever. If you can spare your wedding gifts, consider giving it to those in need. Just Give makes it easy to for your guests give to your favorite charities. You can add charities of your choice to your registry on Just Give and your guests can choose which to give to.

Whether you choose a traditional or alternative wedding registry, make sure it’s what you want and you will be sure to enjoy it.