Bachelorette Party Games

We are all aware of the fun but corny games people play at bachelorette parties… but here are some games you can play that don’t get old too fast.

Never have I ever…

Here’s how to play:
As far as I know, we all pretty much know how to play this game. Therefore, we all know it can get really dirty pretty quickly (WHICH IS SO FUN FOR BACHELORETTE PARTIES!). Although, be sure you are aware of your audience and adjust the game to make it age appropriate or to avoid embarrassment. If you are unfamiliar with the game, anyone who has done the deed drinks. If you are the only one to drink, you have to share the juicy details!

*FYI* ^That’s my sister :-)

Lingerie Shower Guessing Game

Here’s how to play: Have every guest bring some type of lingerie (teddy, g-string, victoria secret maids outfit…) have the bride go out of the room and give each person a hanger and hang their piece of lingerie all over the room. The bride will be brought back in and she will write down who she thought brought which item of lingerie. She has to drink every time she guesses incorrectly!

(^Note how airbrushed her “tummy” is!)

Finish his sentences

Here’s how to play: In a sense, it is like Mad Libs. Before the shower/party the MOH will ask the groom to write out sentences such as “I love when I come home and the bride is…” or “My favorite thing to do with __ the bride__ is _____”. After you get enough sentences, make copies and have everyone fill out what they think he would finish the sentence as. Trust me, it can get dirty, so make sure you know the crowd. If you need to tone it down a little to avoid embarrassment, it is easy to do so!


Wedding Night Preview

Here’s how to play: At the shower, when the bride is opening her gifts, someone records all of her reactions to each present she opens… such as “Oh, WOW!” “You’re going to have to show me how this works..?” or my personal favorite, “Oh, I have wanted this for SO long!”. After she is done opening all of her presents, you play the game. The recorder will inform everyone that your reaction to each opened gift is our preview to things you will say on your wedding night. Pretty hilarious at times. Make sure she says some good ones!



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Bridesmaid? What It Really Means…

Most of us are at the age when lots of our friends are getting married. But let’s face it- it’s also the age where we’re getting our roots planted, and not all of us are rolling in dough. Today I want to share some of my experiences as a bridesmaid and how it might affect your wallet after you say yes to this duty.

Real life scenario: Your very best friend in the world recently got engaged and asks you to be her maid of honor! Without hesitation, you say ‘yes’ and happily tell her you’ll be the best maid of honor that ever lived….

Fast forward a few weeks: You are afraid to open emails from the bride-to-be, fearing/knowing each message will contain a link to a designer dress with a cost equivalent to the down payment for a new car!

Through some informal research combined with my personal experience as a bridesmaid, I’ve come up with a list of costs you should consider BEFORE you say yes to being in a wedding:

Dress/Shoes: $150 and up

While some brides are becoming more flexible on bridesmaid gown choices, there are still those traditional brides who want every girl in the same dress, sometimes wearing matching or even custom dyed shoes. Be prepared to spend around $200 on your dress and shoes, depending on the choice the bride makes!

Hair/Make-Up: $100 and up

Some brides make getting your hair and make-up done optional, but some may require it! Depending on the situation, this can be a pricey additional cost that you weren’t counting on. Make sure you ask the bride about her plans a few weeks in advance so you know not to spend that extra $100 on something else!

Shower: $75 and up

The average amount a bridesmaid will contributed to throwing a shower was $250. Sometimes bridesmaids luck out when a family friend or relative offers to foot the cost of the shower. Other times, bridesmaids are expected to pay for everything. No matter the situation, you should plan on helping pay for prizes, games and a shower gift from you to the bride.

Bachelorette Party: $125 and up

Did you know in the UK, bachelorette parties are called ‘Hen weekends?’ Fun fact for you! Bridesmaids there typically don’t pay for their dress, shoes, hair or make-up–since the bride has asked them to be in her wedding, it is considered a favor to her and she foots the bill! The bridesmaids and friends, however, DO throw a ‘hen weekend’ full of fun things and foot the bill for the bride! In the US, bachelorette parties can range from a fun girls night in, to dramatic trips to Vegas or the Caribbean–so plan on forking over a decent amount of cash for this occasion. 🙂

Wedding and Shower Gifts: $100 and up

Gifts are very personal and will reflect your personality, so this one is hard to really give an average price. Generally speaking though, bridesmaids purchase a gift from the bride’s registry for the shower and give a personal, thoughtful gift for the wedding. The nice thing is about a registry is there are a variety of gifts at different price points so you can pick something that really fits your budget!

Travel:$50 and up

Travel is another factor some bridesmaids forget about, but be sure to consider the location of the wedding when you say ‘yes’–there is quite a difference between filling your gas tank to travel a few hours, and buying a plane ticket to the other side of the country! Also, don’t forget other trips you may make to go dress shopping, attend the shower or attend the bachelorette party!

Clothes, shoes, make-up and other bridesmaid duties: Grand total: $600 and up

Gym membership to be in your best shape ever for said wedding: $30 a month

Watching your very best friend in the world marry her soul mate: Priceless

We’re always hearing about the dresses, the shoes, etc etc. So brides, try and be conscious of all your bridesmaids’ situations when choosing things for your wedding. And bridesmaids (potential or current), know what you’re saying yes to when your best friend asks you to be her bridesmaid.