Bachelorette Party Games

We are all aware of the fun but corny games people play at bachelorette parties… but here are some games you can play that don’t get old too fast.

Never have I ever…

Here’s how to play:
As far as I know, we all pretty much know how to play this game. Therefore, we all know it can get really dirty pretty quickly (WHICH IS SO FUN FOR BACHELORETTE PARTIES!). Although, be sure you are aware of your audience and adjust the game to make it age appropriate or to avoid embarrassment. If you are unfamiliar with the game, anyone who has done the deed drinks. If you are the only one to drink, you have to share the juicy details!

*FYI* ^That’s my sister :-)

Lingerie Shower Guessing Game

Here’s how to play: Have every guest bring some type of lingerie (teddy, g-string, victoria secret maids outfit…) have the bride go out of the room and give each person a hanger and hang their piece of lingerie all over the room. The bride will be brought back in and she will write down who she thought brought which item of lingerie. She has to drink every time she guesses incorrectly!

(^Note how airbrushed her “tummy” is!)

Finish his sentences

Here’s how to play: In a sense, it is like Mad Libs. Before the shower/party the MOH will ask the groom to write out sentences such as “I love when I come home and the bride is…” or “My favorite thing to do with __ the bride__ is _____”. After you get enough sentences, make copies and have everyone fill out what they think he would finish the sentence as. Trust me, it can get dirty, so make sure you know the crowd. If you need to tone it down a little to avoid embarrassment, it is easy to do so!


Wedding Night Preview

Here’s how to play: At the shower, when the bride is opening her gifts, someone records all of her reactions to each present she opens… such as “Oh, WOW!” “You’re going to have to show me how this works..?” or my personal favorite, “Oh, I have wanted this for SO long!”. After she is done opening all of her presents, you play the game. The recorder will inform everyone that your reaction to each opened gift is our preview to things you will say on your wedding night. Pretty hilarious at times. Make sure she says some good ones!



(Reblogged From TwoBirds,One Stone Wedding)


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