5 Reasons Not To Have Cake

Wedding cake is one of those things that just seems one with the day. It’s a tradition so deeply ingrained in us, most people don’t even question that they’ll have cake on their big day. And while we completely support the presence of cake, especially individualized ones, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with not having a cake.


Not everyone is a fan of the dessert, and many people prefer other sweets to it. So whether you’re just not that into cake or you want to do something more unique, consider these five better desserts reasons not to serve cake:

  1. Cupcakes—Ok, so maybe you still like cake but it just feels a little too traditional. Cupcakes can be a fun (and inexpensive) alternative to cake. They are easy to decorate and can be arranged in any way, shape, or form you want. Plus, you won’t have to worry about plates or forks                                                             Wedding Cupcakes
  2. Ice Cream—It could be summer, or you could just be a much bigger ice cream fan than cake. Whatever the reason, ice cream sundaes can come with a variety of toppings, making it easy for guests to personalize their own treats. Easy peasy!4b3de7484fa874cf324526efe3df2327
  3. Pie—Your choice: fruit, cream, merengue, mini-pies, pot pies, pie pops… the list goes on. Pies feel down to earth and more home-style than cakes do.

    Wedding Pie

    Wedding Pie

  4. Chocolate—There are so many options here to choose from: chocolate fountains, chocolate bars, truffles, fudge, hot chocolate. It all sounds equally delicious.

    Chocolate Fountain

    Chocolate Fountain

  5. Doughnuts—Especially if you’re going for a fun, silly, or casual party, doughnuts are perfect for the occasion. What’s not to love? There is plenty of variety (including sprinkles, which are the best) to choose from, and like cupcakes they can easily be arranged in a fun way.958b00648f80455a04d3e2a3af09ed98


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