Priciest Weddings in History

Weddings have a way of costing more than intended. After the dress, the food, the venues, the photography, the flowers, and everything else, you may find yourself looking at quite the bill. But you’ll probably never face a price tag quite as high as these weddings:

1. Prince Charles and Lady Diana spent $48 million on their big day in 1981, which would be about $110 million today with inflation. It took place at St. Paul’s Cathedral and had over two million spectators (including royalty). It was televised to over 750 million and had 27 wedding cakes and a five-foot-tall main cake that took about 14 weeks to prepare.

princess+diana+wedding2. Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia, a businessman and philanthropist from India, dished out $60 million in 2005 (about $66 million today) to be married in Versailles. Invitations were sent out in silver boxes that included plane tickets and rooms at a five-star hotel in Paris. A temporary wooden castle was constructed for the event, and festivities lasted five days. They even handed out gift bags filled with jewels.


3. Prince William and Kate Middleton spent about $34 million for their big day in 2012. The flowers alone cost a reported $800,000 and the cake comes in at $80,000. Like his mother’s wedding, William and Kate had their wedding televised to hundreds of millions around the world.


4. Wayne Rooney, an English soccer player,  and Coleen McLoughlin take fourth place with their $8 million wedding in 2008. Included in festivities was a masked ball on a $120-million yacht in Genoa and stays at a five-star hotel. The ceremony was at a 17th century villa and the reception took guests to a medieval abbey near Portofino.


5. Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky got hitched in 2010 for about $5 million. The daughter of former President Bill Clinton and her investment banker husband spent about $600,000 to air condition tents and $11,000 on the cake. The bride wore a Vera Wang wedding gown and Oprah even attended the festivities.



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