Avoiding The Worst Wedding Toast

“That was the worst wedding toast I have ever heard before,” is the very last thing you want to overhear after you give your special toast to the bride and groom! After spending time in the wedding business and attending several dozen weddings, it should come as no surprise to you that I have heard just about every kind of wedding toast. From the father-of-the-bride who speaks for over 20 minutes to the super drunk best friend who reveals way too much from the college dorm days, I have heard them all!

Source: Pinterest


First thing’s first — who’s your audience that you will be toasting in front of? Make sure you ask the bride and groom who is going to be at the wedding? Is there family flying in from all over the world? Are there sensitive subjects that should not be brought up in front of all the guests? Does everyone know that the couple is living together? Is the group or parts of the group very religious? These are all great questions to ask the bride and groom.

Source: Pinterest


What makes a great wedding toast/speech? Something from the heart is a great place to start when thinking about your wedding toast to the couple. If you are deathly afraid of public speaking, I suggest writing out your thoughts. Word of advice, if you are giving a toast it may be wise not to become too intoxicated until after your speech!


Here is a list of some helpful tips when creating your toast to the couple:


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