Engagement Ring Ceremony


There is good bit of symbolism regarding the wedding band and engagement ring. The rings are worn on the third finger of the left-hand because of the belief that a veinin that finger leads directly to the heart.

Traditionally the wedding band is worn on the inside so that it can be closest to the heart. Before the wedding ceremony, a bride should remove their engagement ring and wear it on their right hand.  One thing you could consider is to have an “engagement ring ceremony” during your wedding. It will allow the groom to place the engagement ring back on the bride’s finger after he puts the wedding band there.

You could use the wording here or something similar:

As wedding rings are symbols of marriage, an engagement ring is a symbol of promise and intent.

Now that the intention is realized and the promise fulfilled,GROOM, will place the engagement ring above the wedding band.

The love which has brought them together will always protect and sustain their marriage.

(Groom places engagement ring on the brides finger).


(Inspired by SavannahWeddingMinsiter)


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