Sending Save The Dates

This is probably one of the most common things that I’m asked. When is the right time to… <insert your wedding-related thing>? Everything is always going to be unique to your own situation, but in general, there are good time periods for things to be done for your wedding. So, I thought that I would help answer some of those questions…

When is the right time to send out Save The Dates? Save The Dates should be sent out 8-6 months before your wedding. 8 months if you know you’ll be having people travel or if it’s around a holiday time. Really, 8 months is the ideal time-frame to let people know about your wedding. Anything less than 6 months before your wedding, why not just save your money and send your invites a little earlier? 🙂


What to include in your Save The Date:

– The city that your wedding will be occurring in

– Your wedding website (which should have lots more info about your wedding for your guests)

– Your names & the date (duh, but just in case you forgot!)

– That a formal invitation will be following


Source: Pinterst

My best piece of advice for Save The Dates is to work with a designer– preferably the same one you want to work with for your invitations. It’s pretty awesome to have all of your paper products match and go with the style and theme of your wedding! Plus, Save The Dates are the very first glimpse of your wedding- you want them to be awesome so your guests can get excited about your wedding! There are SO many great ideas for Save The Dates out there- just have a look on Pinterest or browse through the ELV Paper Pros if you need inspiration!


If you’ve already sent your Save The Dates, when did you send yours and what did you do? Have you seen any AWESOME Save The Date ideas?!


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