Wedding Cupcakes

Cupcakes has been so trendy for many years now and the craze is still going strong. Nowadays, you’ll find them more and more at weddings in place of wedding cakes. I’ve been to some large weddings ( 500+ guests)  and the bride & groom actually forgot to cut the cake until the VERY end, not giving people a real chance to enjoy it! I guess we were all having way too much fun to realize what happen!

Imagine, having a cake big enough to feed 500+ guests and having to bring the ENTIRE thing home! Would it have been better to serve cupcakes instead and have the guests help stuff themselves w/ as many as they can?

No cutting, no serving, no mess, and certainly no overlooking to serve them!

So if you are one of those brides who wouldn’t mind forgoing your traditional wedding cake for these tiny, beautiful yummy morsels, here’s a cupcake feast for your eyes. Some even come with recipe links!  I’ve pulled these from my Pinterest page, TLC Events: Cakes & Cupcakes.







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