Alternative Guest Books

If you don’t fancy the traditional guest book there are plenty of alternatives out there….

  •  Why not buy a large photo frame and ask people to sign and/or write a message on the mount. After the wedding you can frame one of your favourite wedding photos’, framed by your guests messages. A perfect keep sake.

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  • Typewriter guest books are a fun alternative to a traditional guest book – and look fabulous! Perfect for vintage-style weddings.

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  • Double the fun in your photobooth by providing guests with boards to write their messages on. After the wedding, gather the photos and pop them in an album as a fun guest book alternative and a fabulous reminder of your wedding.

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  • Polaroid guestbooks are another fun and fabulous idea. Ask guests to take a picture of themselves, stick it into a book and write a message. Guarenteed laughs along the way!

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Some couples have opted for a Wishing Tree rather than a traditional guest book. Adpated from an old Dutch tradition, guests are asked to write a message or wish on a piece of paper and then hang it on the tree, which then bring the wishes to life. You can buy wishing trees or DIY brides can try creating their own wish tree from branches, but either way a Wishing Tree is an imaginative way to add some whimsical magic to your day. What’s more, they can be totally personalised to tie in with the colors of your day. Why not decorate with ribbons? Cut the paper into love hearts or leaf shapes? Just make sure you leave enough paper for all your guests to leave a message!

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  • For crafty brides, how about a Quilt Guestbook? Although it undoubtedly takes time (and a certain amount of skill), there’s no denying that the finished result is simply stunning…and something you can treasure forever. The Offbeat Bride blog has a fantastic post on “How to make a wedding quilt guestbook“.
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    Inspiration from The Casual Bride

2 thoughts on “Alternative Guest Books

  1. Have you also thought about a wooden guest book puzzle. These make fantastic guest book alternatives and personalised to suit the couple. They can be framed after the day and make a great talking point at the wedding

  2. Hey there! There’s hardly anything else to add to this excellent article you’ve got!
    I felt sentimental reading through this article since a former roommate always spoke about this topic.

    Actually, I’ll email him this page so he can remember too. I know he would enjoy this one as much as I do. Thank you for sharing!

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