Wedding 101: MOH Duties

Just been selected as the brides maid of honor and have NO clue what your duties are? I am writing this post for you! As a young MOH, I was very confused about my duties until I became part of the wedding world. I was thinking things like,” I don’t have enough money to be the MOH” and “I don’t know the first thing about how to be the perfect MOH”.  But the good news is, you don’t have to have tons of money to carry out the duties, all you need to do is pay attention to the brides needs, calm her down if she is freaking out, and communicate with the bridesmaids. To spell it out for you, I listed many of the duties as MOH, but realize, you do NOT have to do all of them. It completely depends on the bride, and every bride is different (which makes this *SO* much fun!)



  • Go shopping! Help shop for the brides dress and the bridesmaid dresses (she will want to see it on to get the full effect of the dress, so wear clothes and shoes that are easy to slip in and out of).
  • Be the leader of the pack! That’s why she picked you. Make sure the bridesmaids have gotten their dresses and their shoes. Make sure they have transportation and lodging settled if they are from out of town. Basically, be sure they pull their weight. Also keep them informed about all of the showers and pre-wedding events. They are NOT expected to go to all of them if they can’t.
  • Attend all pre-wedding events (or at least try as hard as possible).
  • Host/cohost a bridal shower. This one is iffy for me… it isn’t expected. I mean, I was 5 hours away in college when I was MOH and I was, stereotypically, a broke college student. It isn’t cheap to host a shower and it isn’t cheap to travel 10 full hours in one weekend. Like I said, it depends on the bride so try and get a feel for what she is expecting. If your vibes are screaming “Yes she is expecting this”, try and split it between you and the bridesmaids, that way the finances aren’t all on your shoulders. (Brides- remember your girls are paying for their dresses, shoes, travel, and lodging already). Or, you could ask to help at one already scheduled from a family friend.
  • Plan the bachelorette party! You could make this into a lingerie shower, and I have the BEST bachelorette lingerie game in mind!
  • Be there for the bride! Whether its lending an ear about the same planning worries or the marriage, you are her maid of honor, so be sure and be there for her.
  • Spread the news about where the bride and groom are registered.
  • Get the bride a special gift she will remember forever and give it to her on the day of her wedding, when y’all are getting ready together.

Day of Wedding Duties

  • Make sure all the bridesmaids are on track with getting their hair and makeup done and to the ceremony on time!
  • Bring the 6 emergency items needed when getting ready with the bride and bridesmaids
  • You’re in charge of the grooms ring. Wear it on your thumb, it’s the safest place!
  • Arrange her veil and train before you walk down the aisle and right after she gets to the alter.
  • Hold bride’s bouquet while they exchange their vows.
  • My favorite part: Sign the marriage license as a witness! (the best man will partake in this event)
  • Help direct guests with things such as where the bathrooms are and where to put their gifts.
  • Dance with the best man, other groomsmen, and even the groom (especially if  you are a sister to the bride and he is becoming your brother-in-law).
  • Toast the couple (doesn’t matter if you or the best man go first – it’s up to the bride and groom).
  • Keep the bride looking perfect! If this means packing her lipstick/gloss, fixing her hair, or getting rid of smudges because of earlier tears… it’s your job!
  • Help bride change (if she chooses to) to head to the hotel/honeymoon.
  • Make sure you grab all of the stuff (clothes/makeup) she is going to leave after the couples grand exit. And have her bag packed and put into the getaway transportation.


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