Unity Wedding Ideas

Unity Sand

The sand is such an awesome keep sake! You can display this anywhere in your home. There are so many things you can do with the unity sand… such as putting it in a shadow box with your initials and wedding date etched in the glass. I have also seen couples putting their favorite wedding photo in a shadow box with their unity sand in the background. There are many great ideas on pinterest!
Here are some I found and loved:

PS: If you are not engaged yet, think about this if your fiance proposes on a beach! Grab the sand :-)

Unity Knot or Braid

If you are the couple who isn’t into the cocktails, sand, or the “norm”, than try this unity braid. You and your love bird can each go with one of your wedding palette colors or just your two favorites!

Unity Cocktail

Cocktail: I love the idea! WOW! I saw on “Four Weddings” this couple who did the unity cocktail. The bride perfected a watermelon sour (red tint) and the groom went with a (blue) blueberry lightening. When they shook the drink it created such a beautiful purple color. I love the sweet symbolism of the colors changing when mixed together! It went over very well and the guests response was priceless. They all knew the party would begin soon after the ceremony!

Wine: The couple mixed their favorite vintage wine creating such a sweet wine! I don’t think you can go wrong with wine (besides maybe an accidental spillage… It is so classy and elegant!

Unity Stones

Make sure and leave a sign instructing the guests on what to do. This way you will get your stones back, and the couple can display the stones in their new home!

Unity Candle

This is the most popular out of them all, but I loved to find out there are many things a couple can do to unify them in a wedding ceremony. Anything that can make a couple celebrate more of who they are on their wedding day is very much appreciated and respected! And look, you can even get them personalized!


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