What NOT To Say To Your Bridesmaids

Reblogged from Two Bird One Stone

Of course you love your bridesmaids, but sometimes it is easy to get swept away with “me, me, me”. Put yourself in their shoes and remember their are always better ways you can send a message.

  • Make sure you don’t look TOO good. I don’t want anyone upstaging me– Instead you can say something like: Help me get ready, I want to look my absolute best!
  • Let’s go get personal trainers and spray tans to be ready for my wedding day. – Please feel free to do so, but your bridesmaids didn’t sign up to get in shape for your biggest day or get tan. If they want to, great, but don’t expect this!
  • Can you get your hair and makeup professionally done and pay for it? – It is really expensive for the bridesmaids to pay for their dress, shoes, lodging, and on top of all of that their hair and makeup. Dress, shoes, and lodging is normal, but it is up to them whether or not they want to get their hair professionally done. If you insist, put it in your budget. Also, you could have them get ready with you. That way, if you want all the girls to have the same kind of hair-do, you can ask kindly and show them how cute it is.
  • I’m going to need you to cover up your tattoo for my wedding. – If you have a very conservative family or just want the tattoo to go away for the day, try asking it and not demanding. You can say something like “Hey, I love your tattoo on your shoulder and any other day I’d say SHOW IT OFF, but would you mind covering it up just this once? Sorry.”
  • Would you throw me a shower? Here’s my whole guest list, I’m going to need you to invite everyone. – Brides, brides, brides… In the world of weddings, friends/family offer to host a shower. Trust me, people will offer… Be careful if you are expecting your bridesmaids or MOH to host a shower AND to invite 100+ people. Their duties are to be there with you along the way, but it isn’t cheap or easy to throw a shower and they are already giving you their time and giving up money to pay for the dresses and shoes so keep that in mind.

  • My wedding this, my wedding that, Oh, did you get that job you… oh that reminds me about my wedding. – Yes they are excited about your wedding, but don’t forget they are friends first. Their life keeps spinning when you are planning your wedding (I don’t mean that to sound rude), whether it be their jobs, boyfriends/husbands of their own, try to remember to ask them how they are doing. That being said, it is OKAY to be super excited about your wedding and talk about it… just don’t dominate the conversation every time. It is an exciting time and it is easy to get swept away, so it is definitely understandable!
  • Okay maids! I’m going to need all of you to come over tonight and tie those bows around favors and add the finishing touches to my DIY decor. – Hey, most are up for it! Just remember that you can ask if you need some help and not demand. Try and say “Girls, grab some wine and head over! I’ll order a pizza and put on Bridesmaids movie and we can have fun tying some bows!”. That will get a much better response out of them!
  • I know you are pregnant, but this tight fitting dress won’t show your belly *that* much. – If you are deciding to have a pregnant bridesmaid (which is adorable) I would suggest either picking a dress that doesn’t hug the tummy or letting the brides pick their dresses in your color scheme. Different styled dresses is *very* trendy right now and it looks amazing. Keep an open mind when planning your wedding, because you never know until you try it.

  • When talking to another bridesmaid or MOH and say the other bridesmaid is not pulling her weight. – No one wants drama on their wedding day, so try to be the leader and not talk behind their backs. If someone is truly giving you trouble, ask them to a dinner date or something and talk to them. You never know what is going on in their lives that they aren’t sharing. Most of the time they are going through something, so try and remember to “confront them” instead of talking behind their backs. It will save you *SO* much drama!
  • It’s MY day so… Did you forget about the fiance? Haha. I am guilty of saying this to brides all the time. It is your day, but it’s more like “y’alls” day so try and ask him what he wants out of this wedding. It is fun to discuss and hear his ideas!

I am saying all of this not to get onto brides, but to bring you back a little from the life of a bride. I want to help you have a better experience with your girls. Your bridesmaids will be so flattered you took the time to still ask about their jobs or to help them feel more comfortable at your wedding, which will lead to a *MUCH* better time for you and for them! ❤


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