Wedding 101: Wedding Blogs

There are SO many blogs out there now. When I was planning my wedding, there were only like 2 or 3 that I really used. But now wedding blogs are everywhere you look- I wouldn’t even know where to start! So if you’re a newcomer to reading wedding blogs, as many newly engaged brides are, here are 5 things to guide you along your blog-reading journey.

1. There are 3 different types of wedding blogs. Every blog is different. They come in all “shapes and sizes”, and there is definitely a blog or two or ten (or more of course) out there for you!

First you have the professional wedding blogs, which are blogs like  Style Me Pretty, Wedding Chicks, etc etc. These blogs are done for profit and will have advertisers, preferred vendors, and sometimes even sponsored posts. And they of course also have the best content!

The next type of blog is the bride blog. A bride blog is written by a bride who is planning her wedding. There are tons of these because having a blog while planning your wedding is a great way to share everything with your family and friends, and it’s now the thing to do when you get engaged. Some bride blogs stick around after the weddings, some turn them into a different “type” of blog, and some just fizzle out. I’ll admit- it is fun to follow along with brides throughout their planning. 🙂

Finally, we have the wedding pro blogs. These are blogs that are written by wedding professionals for their business- wedding planning, photography, DJ, and on and on. Some post once or twice a week (or month), and some post every day- it depends on the wedding pro. The thing to remember is that these blogs are written by the wedding pros to provide inspiration and inform their brides and to also show off their work. Wedding pro blogs are great places to find advice and tips for your wedding!

And yes, the “types” can be mixed with one another too!  🙂

2. So you have the different types of wedding blogs, but there are also special “niches” too. Just like how doctors have different specialities (weird comparison, I know, but it’s what came to my mind).  Some blogs stick to a style, like rustic weddings, “out of the box” weddings, budget weddings, DIY weddings, vintage weddings… you get the drift. 🙂 Usually you’ll be able to tell what a blog’s “niche” is after reading a few posts. Knowing a blog’s “niche” can help you out a lot if you’re looking for something specific, like a DIY project, wedding planning advice, or budget saving tips. Luckily with niches, there’s something for everyone!

3. Comment! Bloggers love your comments! Don’t be shy. Tell us what you’re planning for you own wedding or ask questions. Chances are good that there is another bride who will benefit from whatever you say or will have the same question that you ask! 🙂

4. Navigate. Just about every blog will have some sort of navigation bar to guide you along in your visit. Categories, special pages, and special features can all be found here. Feel free to stay for a little while and navigate through old posts and visit special pages.

5. Time. Suck. I’m sure you’ve all heard this term. Usually it’s associated with Facebook or Pinterest- something that just sucks the time out of your day. Well, unfortunately blogs can be this way too. Which is why I recommend you use some sort of program to organize all of the blogs you want to read. I use Google Reader, but there are many others too. Using something like this will help you to focus your blog reading time, and you’ll be able to easily access them all in one place.

Of course there are so many more tips to be considered for reading wedding blogs, but these are the ones that came to my mind as what I wish I had known. Hopefully these tips will help you all in your wedding blog adventures while planning your wedding! Remember- wedding blogs are here to help you and inspire you! We wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for you! 🙂


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