After The Wedding: Changing Your Name

Now that the honeymoon is over and the big day is done, it’s time to really make everything “official!” It’s time to change your name.

 If you decide to change your name, there are many different ways to chang your name. You can hyphenate (which I’ve heard makes signing things pretty annoying), you can completely change your last name to your new husband’s, or you can change your maiden name to your middle name. I personally dropped my maiden name, for personal reasons, kept my middle name and added my husband’s last name.  The choice is solely yours.  But let me tell you- it was a process. I still don’t even have some credit cards, student loans and meaningless accounts changed.

When I changed my name, it took me a while. First, I had to research where I had to go and what I had to do. Then I had to find the time to go to the Social Security office, which took about a month. Once I went there, it was pretty much a day-long excursion, so then the following week I had to take a trip to the DMV.

I will tell you one thing though. If I had known about something like Name Change Express, I would have totally used it!

Name Change Express is exactly what you need to help you save time when it comes to changing your name. They give you instructions on what needs to be done to change your name. (And believe me- despite what you think, it’s not easy to find instructions online.) Name Change Express provides you with addresses and forms you need.  A cool thing about Name Change Express is that they are the only name change service that provides company-specific name change requirements for 100’s of companies across the U.S. (companies like Citibank, American Express, Geico, United Airlines, etc).  Brides who purchase the $30 service know exactly what these companies require to process their name, where they have to mail notification letters, and what documents must be included. Brilliant!

If you decided to doit all on your own,  here’s is a list of some of the places you may need to notify of your change of name.

Bank and Saving Accounts
Dept. of Motor Vehicles – Driver’s License
Social Security Administration
Club Memberships
Credit Cards
Insurance Policies
Loans including Mortgage Company
Loyalty Cards
Medical Records including Doctors and Dentist
Subscriptions to any magazines etc
Utility Bills


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