Wedding 101: What to Know About Flowers

Flowers can add that extra *touch* to any wedding ceremony and reception. From the bouquets, to centerpieces, even the cake, flowers add that extra color & flair to your big day.


Photo Courtesy: Weddings by Jennifer/RIM Photography

But it’s picking what flowers you want that may be overwhelming. Roses, Calla Lilies, Lilacs, Lily of the Valley, Gebera Daisies…what to pick? Here are some tips to the think about when it comes to flowers:

1. Flexibility. The flowers are probably going to be the most fickle part of your wedding, because they’re dependent on NATURE. Yes, that’s right, flowers used in weddings really are REAL and once grew on a plant. [EXAMPLE: Back in 2010, there was a volcano eruption in Europe. Lots of pretty, spring flowers come from Holland, and because of the volcano dust, planes were grounded. Meaning that certain flowers that only came from Europe couldn’t be flown over to the US successfully- for like 2 weeks.] With all that said, if you give your florist flexibility in the types of flowers that he or she can use, you really won’t have to worry. Just give a specified color that you want, if you HAVE to have roses, make sure they know, and then that’s it! You don’t have to choose every single variety of flower that is going to be at your wedding. That’s what you have a professional for. 🙂

2. Availability. Flowers aren’t all available at the same time of year in the same areas. Peonies are super popular for weddings, but they’re only available in a certain time frame. If you’re not having a Spring or early Summer wedding, you can most likely cross peonies off your list.

3. Prep. Flowers take SO MUCH prep. Florists spend DAYS leading up to a wedding prepping flowers. Different varieties of roses take different amounts of time to open to a full, beautiful rose. Some flowers need to stay in cool air so they don’t start wilting. There is SO MUCH to be considered with flowers- so wouldn’t you rather let a florist handle it? If you’re DIYing your flowers, stick to the most basic and hardiest flowers, and get them a few days ahead of time.

4. There is so much more to flowers than you initially think. It’s not just bunching flowers together to achieve the perfect arrangement or bouquet. It’s about blending colors, sizes of blooms, etc. It doesn’t happen right away, because it’s an art. It can take hours for a bouquet to be made, and the same goes for an arrangement.



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