Don’t Forget…

Days , even week before the wedding , time starts to fly by and everything runs together. But with the big day approaching, you’ll want to make sure you remember EVERYTHING…or at least try to.

Here are some things you don’t want to forget:

Don’t forget… to keep your bridal party and family members in the loop. The week of the wedding: send out an “itinerary” of important times and places for them to know about.

Don’t forget… menus! Your guests are going to want to know what they’re eating,.. that’s if you’re serving a full sit-down meal

Don’t forget… vendor meals. Ask your vendors how many meals they’ll be needing at the wedding. Most photographers bring assistants, and sometimes even DJs have assistants. [If you’re questioning whether or not you need vendor meals, think of it this way: Most of your vendors are going to be working a 8-12 hour day. Do you go without eating all day long?]

Don’t forget… to have a bag packed for your wedding night. You’ll probably be getting ready somewhere other than where you’re spending your wedding night, so make sure to either have someone drop your bag off there or send it with someone who will remember to send you away with it.

Don’t forget… on the day of the wedding, have payments ready for any vendors that need to be paid on the day of the wedding. Most are requiring payment ahead of time now, but some, like hair and makeup, really can’t be paid in full until their services are complete.

Don’t forget… to EAT on your wedding day! No, a bite from a fruit platter doesn’t count. Have meals (or at least lots of snacks) for you and your bridal party when you’re getting ready. It’s always longer than you think it’ll be before you get to eat.

Don’t forget… to only drink what you normally drink. Don’t try to get all fancy with too much champagne. Just stick to your normal drink. Trust me on this one!

Don’t forget… to make a plan for who is taking home your gifts. Chances are that you’re not going home the night of your wedding, so delegate someone to take all of your gifts home for you! (Along with this is who is taking any special decor items you provided.)

Don’t forget… that you’re getting MARRIED to the love of your life!!!!!!!!!! Have fun, sit back, and enjoy EVERY moment!!! Trust me, the day will fly by! 🙂


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