Getting A Good Deal

Everyone knows weddings can expensive. We all know that. So it’s always nice to find a great deal or multiple great deals.

There are so many social deal websites out there that offer so many deals to brides and many girls planning their wedding just don’t know about them. It’s especially hard to find out about all the deals that are available because sites like “Groupon” or “Living Social” make you sign up based on your city.  There’s a website out there that combines deals within your city from ALL the social deal sites as well as lets you know about the national deals. Even better, they have a whole section dedicated to weddings.

The website is

On the site, you don’t have to worry about signing up by city if you’re not interested in that. Instead, you can click on the “Weddings” tab and sign up for all wedding deals! It includes deals for engagement, honeymoon, bachelorette parties, invitations, accessories, DIY, etc etc.
Dealery Weddings brings together wedding deals from all over the web, theknot,, Groupon’s wedding section and much more.
If your just engaged, you’re probably obsessed with buying wedding magazines. On Dealery, you can get special deals on magazine subscriptions to “Brides” & “Martha Stewart Weddings” among other popular magazines.
When it comes to wedding planning, some of the deals highlighted today include 25% off custom wedding invitations, save on your centerpieces and photography packages… you can even buy your dress on Dealery.  (I’m not sure about my thoughts on that or the details in to ordering, but it’s available!)
The deal site also gives you some great ideas on bridal party gifts as well as wedding favors.
I highly recommend the sight and think you can get some great deals, which in the long run will you save you some cash. And we all like to save cash so we can shop more!

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