Wedding Photography Costs

We’ve talked about the budget before and what some of the main elements are and what you are paying the most for. One of those things is photography.  That is what’s going to capture your big day so you’ll be able to look back and reflect on those memories at a later date. When you first start looking at wedding photographers, many become overwhelmed with their prices.  For a goofed photographer, you’re gonna pay at least a couple thousand dollars just for wedding day coverage. And that doesn’t include bridals and engagement pictures.

Photo Credit: Brooke Christl

I came across this post of Facebook recently by a wedding photographer and it really made me think.  It breaks down what photographers do. In my opinion, it explains exactly why they charge what they charge.  Seeing this may help you understand why you could be paying a big price for great pictures.

Good information for all to know regarding wedding photography:
Time of wedding day coverage: 8 hours
Initial client meeting: 1-2 hours
Engagement session: 1-2 hours
Engagement session post processing: 2-3 hours
Time to upload engagement images to web and handle any questions clients may have about the ordering process and making changes: 1-2 hours
Drive time for entire job. (Back and forth from wedding, engagement shoot, and meetings. This could range in time depending hour far you typically drive to meet clients): 3-4 hours
Processing/Editing of wedding images: 5 – 10 hours
Blog posts/Facebook updates: 1-2 hours
Album design: 5-6 hours
Final Delivery and finish any final details: 1-2 hours

As you can see 8 hours for a wedding can turn into 40 hours before you know it. So if you are charging $500 to shoot an 8 hour wedding you are making about $14 dollars an hour, and you haven’t even paid taxes yet. Now you have to think about website costs, internet costs, phone costs, insurance, equipment, advertising and about 100 other things that are factored into overhead. Once that is factored in, you not only haven’t MADE any $, you’ve basically paid out of your own pocket to give someone amazing imagery.


Here are tips to picking a wedding photographer…


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