Going to the … Bridal Show?

So you’re up to your necks now that you are planning your wedding. And now there’s a bridal show in town this weekend and another one next weekend. There are going to be bridal shows left and right in the time that you’re engaged. So when should you go and not go?

GO to a bridal show if you need inspiration, vendors, or a venue. Basically, you should go to a bridal show if you NEED anything for your wedding.

DON’T go to a bridal show if you already have all of your vendors, if your wedding is the next weekend, or if you just want to win something. Free things only go so far- the secret is that they’re never really totally free. You’ll always have to end up paying something.

Courtesy: St. Andrews Woman’s Club Bridal Showcase

Here’s a few other tips to keep in mind when attending a bridal show…

…  Don’t bring the WHOLE family ….Just bring whoever is helping you the most in your wedding planning. Your best friend, your mom, your fiance, whoever it is. Everyone will want to give their opinion and you will get overwhelmed.

… Get inspired! Take photos, take handouts, and then go to vendors’ websites when you get home. Chances are those photos you saw in their books will be on their sites.

… If vendors have some sort of photo album out, look through it! Don’t be afraid to. You’ll know if they’re right for you or not when looking.

… Vendors will have lots of giveaway and chances for you to sign up for things, like freebies, or to get more information. Instead of writing ALL of your information 50 times, print out some labels before you leave home. The best info to squeeze on there would be your name, address, email, phone number and of course, your wedding date. If they ask for more details, you can just fill those in with pen. PLEASE DO THIS!! You’ll thank me later!

… If you like a vendor, talk to them. Try to connect with them. It could save you both a little bit of “getting to know” time when you schedule a time to meet.

… Vendors do shows to get brides like you! But just because they’re doing a show doesn’t mean they’re hurting for business. Very few times, yes, but most of the time vendors have bridal shows worked into their marketing plans.

… When you get home from the show, it’s going to be overwhelming. You’ll most likely have a bag filled with business cards, handouts, and sheets of paper. Go through it all right then and there. Throw away the info for the vendors that you know you didn’t like. And then keep the info from those that you did like.

… Contact vendors that you liked that day or later in the week. Because there are only  SO many wedding dates available, and you want your first pick of vendors!

It’s so funny for me to read these, because what did I do when I attended my first bridal show back in 2009? Oh yes, I brought my grandmother to the very first one. And all she did was complain because of the walking. So funny to look back on my complete lack of knowledge then! I quickly learned and only went with my mom and matron of honor to the two other ones.

Here a list of some upcoming shows in South Carolina:


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