5 Things To Keep In Mind On Your Wedding Day

Brides are always talking about their wedding plans and what’s included leading up to the big day, but sometimes the *actual* wedding day is overlooked, and you know what? All that planning and talking about weddings is FOR the wedding day! DUH!

There are a few things that I realized that no one really ever tells a bride and it’s important details.  So of course now I’m taking it upon myself to be the one to tell you all things that you should know about your for your wedding day!

1. Everything will not go completely according to plan. Even though there is a plan, not everything is going to be exactly according to it. Chances are though, you won’t know about it (unless you don’t have a wedding planner), and it’s going to be amazing no matter what. 

2. Chances are that it might rain (or snow or hail or whatever). Even though we try to predict it, ultimately,weather is unpredictable. This is why there are backup plans, and your wedding day will NOT be ruined! And hey- it’s good luck for it to rain on your wedding day.

3. If you’re having a large wedding, chances are good that you might need to take a breather and just get away from all the people for a few minutes. A good way to “excuse” yourselves from the party is to sneak away with your photographer for some portraits for a few minutes.

4. Have an extra pair of *comfortable* shoes. This is definitely a must for those of you wearing fabulous heels. I know plenty of brides that bring along their Rainbow sandals to change into for comfort.  I myself had a cute pair of Chuck Taylors in baby pink to switch into. Unless you’ve worn your heels for months and are 100% confident that you won’t be waddling by the end of the night, it won’t hurt to have a pair of tried-and-true shoes that you know you’ll be comfortable in. You don’t think of it right off the bat, but you’re going to be on your feet for at least 4 hours- possibly even up to 10! Give the shoes to your planner to have for you at the reception.

5. This last one sounds silly, but it’s true. Stick to your normal drink. It doesn’t matter if it’s Bud Light, wine, vodka, whatever.  Try the signature drink, but if you’re not used to it, don’t drink it all night.  I actually thought I would be cool and try to drink my sweet signature drink all night, and it ended with me not feeling so hot on my wedding night.



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