Things You May Not Think Of While Planning

My first wedding anniversary is quickly approaching (my how time is flying). Thinking back to that day last May has me thinking about the things I went through to get there.  I wanted to share some things I learned or heard of from friends. These are things that as a bride, you may not think about right away when planning your wedding, or even might possibly forget about on the day of. Just some tidbits for you to consider!

Setup: So you’ve done a great job planning all the details of your wedding, and everything is ready to go for the big day.  However, have you thought about the plan for setting up your wedding? If you can set everything up the night before, that’s great! That will make things a lot easier and be set up the way you want it.  But what if there’s another event at your venue the night before your wedding? When are you going to have time in between getting your hair and make-up done to arrange some of the awesome DIY projects that you’ve made?  Or arrange your escort cards in that really cool way you planned on? Chances are, you, your mom, nor other family members are going to want to be breaking a sweat setting up for your wedding a few hours before you walk down the aisle. Most venues will often help with the setup, but they aren’t going to know your vision for how you want everything to look. Your best bet is to have an event design company or wedding coordinator do these things for you.

Wedding Day Transportation: This is something that brides often don’t consider until a week or two before their wedding.  It sounds simple, but stop and think about it for a quick second. If your ceremony is somewhere other than your reception site, everyone is going to need to get there. If you have a limo, it picks up you and your bridesmaids, but what about the groomsmen? There are a ton of different situations for handling transportation, and they are all unique to each wedding depending on location, time, and people. All in all, the best option is to have a limo take the groomsmen to the ceremony first, and then pick up you and yours bridesmaids. But then you may have members of the bridal party asking you how they will be getting home if they’re traveling in a limo, causing you unnecessary stress. These are all things that need to be decided prior to your wedding day. Don’t forget!


Time For Pictures: Ah the infamous time for photographs. There can never be too much time allotted for photographs. Guests hate it, photographers love it, and brides and grooms are clueless about it. The traditional way of taking photos following the ceremony usually results in posed family photos, people getting annoyed, and few quick shots of the bridal party and you and your new husband. A cocktail hour is a good way to keep your guests entertained while giving you some time to take great photographs. However, if photos are important to you, then consider taking photos before the ceremony. It’s not considered traditional but it’s becoming more and more popular. Photographers are calling it “First Look.”  It gives you some additional photos capturing the very moment you and your groom see each other for the first time. We decided to do this and they are some of our favorite photos! Taking pictures prior to the ceremony definitely results in better pictures, and more time to enjoy each other on your wedding day! Trust me, you will not regret taking your photos before the ceremony. And your photographer will love you for it.

Photos By JKay

Backup Weather Plan: When choosing your wedding date and the type of wedding you are having, hopefully you figured the weather into the equation. Do you have a backup weather plan? If your ceremony is being held outside, do you have an alternate location? If the reception is outside, do you have tents? Another time to have a weather backup plan is for your photo time. Have an indoor location picked out just in case it rains or if it’s unbearably hot or cold outside. You don’t want to have a ton time for photographs and then end up getting none because of the weather.

Vendor Love: Hopefully you chose your vendors and know what they will be doing for you on your wedding day. Your vendors are all doing you a service. It’s just as if you were getting your hair done, or being served at a restaurant, just more focused on you and your wedding! If you can, please give your vendors tips for their services. It’s not required, but it is in good taste. Also keep in mind that the vendors that are at your wedding will be on a similar schedule to you. Therefore, as humans, their dinnertime is most likely the same time as yours. Provide meals for your vendors. It can be the same thing you are serving your guests, or something else, like a sandwich or pasta. They will greatly appreciate it.

These are certainly not all of the things that tend to be looked over when planning a wedding, but they’re the first that came to mind for me. If you have a wedding planner, expect for these things to be touched upon prior to your wedding. However, if you do not have a planner, as a lot of brides don’t, these are some great things for you to remember! I want everyone to have the best wedding possible, and part of having the best wedding is avoiding any possible pitfalls your might encounter on your wedding day!


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