Thinking Of Hiring A Wedding Planner?

As any couple knows, planning a wedding can be a huge amount of work. There are countless decisions to make, and they’re all the more daunting for brides and grooms who are inexperienced with putting together such a big event.

From my own experiences, I believe it is much easier for the bride to enjoy herself when using a wedding planner. There is so much more that goes on behind the scenes, and this is where having a wedding planner becomes critical.

For my wedding, I hired a day-of coordinator to take care of all the vendors as they arrived and to keep the stress off of my mother and me. Things can go wrong and someone needs to be there to handle it.  Traffic was a nightmare and we started 30 minutes late for the ceremony, but I had no idea because my coordinator took care of it and made sure all of the guests who had already arrived were taken care of.

There are numerous things to consider when planning a wedding, and even more that has to be done while the bride is preparing to walk down the aisle. It is possible to plan everything yourself and have a great DIY wedding, but who is going to tell people when it’s the right time to walk down the aisle, or take care of the centerpieces that aren’t arranged properly, or ensure the venue is set up exactly right?

Courtesy: Photos By J.Kay

While the bridal party is getting hair and makeup done, the ceremony is already being set up. And while the bride and groom are having pictures taken, the cake is being set out and finishing touches for the reception are taking place. The bride certainly can’t be monitoring these tasks while she is supposed to be enjoying her day! Also, the responsibility shouldn’t fall to parents or extended family because they’re supposed to enjoy the day too.
To me, it’s logical to have help with your wedding- someone who understands your vision and knows how to put it together efficiently- and a wedding planner is the perfect person to take on this role.
Cost is usually the most deterring factor when brides consider hiring a wedding planner, but there are planners who offer a variety of packages to suit every bride’s budget.
I know that as a wedding planner & coordinator, my main focus is to keep the bride happy and making sure she looks back on her wedding day and remembers all of the good things about that day, without having to fret that all the details she worked so hard to plan actually come together!
Did you use a wedding planner for your wedding? Are you on the fence about hiring one? What are your experiences with wedding planners? Please share in the comments!

One thought on “Thinking Of Hiring A Wedding Planner?

  1. Agreed. Chaunte was my day-of coordinator. Without her, I would have been much more stressed. She was there to take care of everything from setting up the tables to making sure everything was packed safely in our car at the end of the evening. The bride has more to worry about than are the place cards in the right place while she’s trying to take pictures.

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