Wedding 101: Pinterest Planning

With the world of technology growing every day, planning a wedding now in my opinion, has to be so much easier than it was for our parents and grandparents.  You can easily now “google” any key words that will help you find ideas about what you are looking for. With technology has come the world of social media and websites like Facebook, Twitter, and now Pinterest. I think their website has the best description of what Pinterest is that I’ve seen on line. “Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.”

Not only are Pinterest users adding images to their virtual pinboards for inspiration to help plan their big day, but some are collecting ideas for the future and aren’t even engaged. Either way, Pinterest is an easy way to make planning a wedding more manageable. It’s like ripping the pages out of wedding magazines and taping them to your bulletin board — but digitally. Even better, each picture is typically linked to a site where you can buy the styles you want, learn DIY crafting tips and become informed about the latest trends. Friends and other Pinterest followers can also leave comments and feedback to make the whole planning process more interactive. Here are some tips from Mashable Media that can help you plan your wedding with the help of Pinterest.

1 – If you haven’t joined yet, why are you waiting?

There are two ways to sign up. Head to their website: and request an invite.  You’ll be added to a waiting list and will receive an email after a few days letting you know you can now join. Or if you know someone who’s already on the site, ask them to invite you. Usually that speeds along the process and you’ll get an invite to join a lot faster.

2 – Create Boards 

It depends how detailed you want to get with your boards, but we recommend creating various sections based on planning areas. Creating boards based on category makes it easy to keep track of ideas and narrow down preferences. Pictures can also be pinned to more than one section. Here are some board topics worth creating: Invitations, wedding dresses, veils, shoes, flowers, cake designs, hair styles, nails, makeup, bridal accessories, bridesmaids, groomsmen, centerpieces, favors, showers and photography (engagement/wedding day ideas).

3 – Follow The Experts

In addition to following your friends and family for style inspiration, keep tabs on what the wedding experts of the world are pinning to their boards. In fact, a lot of wedding and magazines blogs — includingThe Knot and Style Me Pretty — are getting in on the Pinterest trend, pinning hundreds of creative and beautiful ideas. Style Me Pretty is one of the most popular wedding presences on Pinterest, with over 160,000 followers and 52 boards. You can follow all of their boards or just a few that most interest you, such as “Hairstyles” or “Bouquets.” Also, try searching with broad keywords such as “wedding” and “hair” to find and follow users who have pinned images of styles you like. TLC Events has our own Pinterest page you can follow. I share other pins I’ve found from other experts, vendors and weddings I have worked with. Click here to follow me. 

4 – Starting Pinning

The site is overflowing with creative and beautiful pictures, so to keep track of what you like, click on a picture and “repin” it. Pinterest will ask you which board you would like to add it to.  Visiting your boards and pins will help inspire creativity with planning.

4 – Add The “Pin It” Bookmarklet 

If you find a picture you love on a site besides Pinterest, it’s easy to add it as a pin to your board via the “Pin It” bookmarket in Google’s Chrome browser. To install, click on the Wrench icon in the browser and select Toolbars – Always Display Bookmarks Bar. Drag and drop the Pin It button onto you Bookmarks Bar. Once installed in your browser, the Pin It button lets you grab an image from any website and add it to one of your pinboards. When you pin from a site, Pinterest grabs the source link so it credits the original creator.

5- Encourage Feedback

Friends and other Pinterest followers can leave comments and feedback on pins to make the whole planning more interactive. If you are interested in hearing opinions, ask questions and invite people to tell you what they think.

7- Download the App on Your SmartPhone

Instead of printing out pictures or bringing magazines with you to shop for wedding dresses and other items, iPhone users should download the app, so boards can be accessed while on the go. Unfortunately, the app isn’t optimized for the iPad just yet, though the site can still be accessed via the tablet.

Overall, I think Pinterest is a handy tool that gives you ideas you might not ever see in a bridal magazine. Enjoy it and don’t just use it for your wedding planning. I’ve found great DIY projects, ideas for the house as well as delicious recipes on the site.

Happy Planning!


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