Wedding 101: Picking the perfect date

You just got engaged and the first question everyone asks after wishing you congratulations is, “When’s the wedding?”

For some, it may be easy to decide on the date as many people go with the day they met their significant other or the anniversary of their engagement. But for others, picking from 365 days can be overwhelming.

Here are some things to keep in mind when picking your date:

  • Consider the season

Do you want blooming flowers in Spring, a warm Summer’s day, the cool Autumn breeze or a Winter wonderland wedding? Depending on your job as well, that might play a factor in when you get married. In the south, and this may sound crazy, one thing many brides keep in mind another season. That’s football season. Many ladies and their future husbands check their team’s schedules to make sure it’s a weekend they aren’t playing or an away game before setting their date.

  • Deciding what day for the ceremony

Traditionally, weddings are held on Saturdays but it’s become more common for weddings to be held on Friday nights or Sunday afternoons.  Your budget may also be a factor in deciding what day to get married. Many venues and vendors offer discounts if you get married during the week or on Sunday. Be sure to ask about that!

  • Getting married around holidays

When picking a wedding date, you should also be considering the holidays that might fall on the date that you have chosen. It might help you plan a wedding that matches with the spirit of the said holiday. You can have a wedding on the Fourth of July with your own fireworks to give life to the ceremony.

You might pick a wedding date that falls on a holiday weekend if you expect guests coming from other places. The long weekend can make their trip less hectic. But then there might also be a risk on picking dates on long holidays. Your guests may already have their own plans of going somewhere else.

  • How long should you be engaged?

This is a question many people wonder but it’s totally up to you and your future spouse. In my opinion, I say give your self a year to plan your wedding. That way you have time to plan without stressing as well as saving money to pay for the big event. It’s possible to have a short engagement or one that lasts several years.

Most importantly, before making a final decision, run it by close family members and friends, especially ones you hope to have in your bridal party. You will absolutely want to include these people in your day!


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